What happens after fertilization? 11.06.2016

What happens after fertilization?

Soon after fertilization of egg cell, doctor sets  a day of embryo transfer into the uterus. This process is carried out under the thorough  supervision of embryologist in 2-5 days after IVF fertilization of egg cell. After that, many women do not know how to behave in the next two weeks.
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Our Partner-Fertility Center Rodynne Dzherelo 15.06.2015

Our Partner-Fertility Center Rodynne Dzherelo

It’s a great honour and, at the same time, a pleasure for us to work with one of the leading reproductive medical centers in Ukraine – “Rodynne Dzherelo”. Choosing “Rodynne Dzherelo” means having more chances for a successful pregnancy, thanks to the vast experience of their high-qualified fertility experts.
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Surrogacy in Ireland 29.04.2015

Surrogacy in Ireland

Nowadays there is a tendency against surrogacy. For example, it’s not legal in Ireland. The Government of the country made attempts to work out special legislative base regulating surrogacy in Ireland but they were not completely successful.
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Gay surrogacy. Parenthood beyond gender 07.04.2015

Gay surrogacy. Parenthood beyond gender

Many same-sex couples want to create a full-fledged family with children, but the attitude towards LGBT people in most countries of the world remains sharply negative, and same-sex marriages, adoption of children by gays, lesbians are allowed only in several states.
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