Infertility treatment: IUI or IVF in Costa Rica


New changes towards infertility treatment legislation in Costa Rica

In May, 2015 fertility specialists and surgeons of Costa Rica adopted new regulations towards the infertility treatment of the territory of the country.

In accordance to La Nacion daily press, the Association’s board approved new suggestion of the Human Fertility Commission that will allow to increase the chances of the successful single baby pregnancy  using artificial fertilization to 90 percent.

Main aim of such insemination is to increase the production of female follicles due to the usage of administering hormone. In accordance to new legislation, to reduce multiple pregnancy not more than 4 follicles might be used for the further fertilization.

Despite many similarities, IVF in Costa Rica is totally prohibited as a kind of infertility treatment. Intrauterine insemination presupposes the introduction of sperm cells directly into the woman’s uterus using special need. Speaking about the in-vitro procedure, fertilization is performed outside the female body.

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