Surrogacy programs success rate

What is the probability that a childless couple who are undergoing a surrogacy  program will have a baby? To find out, we compared the surrogacy success rate in the world, in Ukraine and in VittoriaVita.

Where do we get the data about the success of surrogate motherhood?

We follow the gestational surrogacy success rates in Ukraine and in the world.This data is rarely shared. Typically, reproductive medicine clinics share their statistics at specialized medical forums and conferences, in scientific articles or reports. We collect data from there. There we would  collect this data. We update statistics on the success rates of surrogacy in VittoriaVita every six months.

To calculate it, we take into account the quantity:

  • of successful IVF procedures;
  • of surrogate mothers who become pregnant after embryo transfer;
  • of infertile couples who became parents after passing surrogate motherhood programs;

VittoriaVita, Ukraine and the world: a comparison of the surrogacy success rate

  • Embryo creation (% of total attempts)
  • First successful transfer using own embryos
  • Second successful transfer using own embryos
  • First successful transfer with donor embryos
  • Second successful transfer with donor embryos
  • Percentage of pregnancies in surrogacy programs

What determines the success rate of gestational surrogacy?

On whether a infertile couple will become parents, is influenced by such factors:

Age of biological parents.
It is proved that with age, the chances of conceiving a healthy child are sharply reduced. At risk, women over 35 and men over 39 years old. It is known that men over 40 are more likely to have children with disabilities, and their partners often have miscarriages.
The quality of sperm.
How motile are spermatozoa? Is the level of DNA fragmentation significant? These indicators are influenced by the age of the man, his heredity and lifestyle.
Egg quality.
The quality of the future embryo depends on them. Even about 50% of young woman’s egg cells have chromosomal abnormalities, although they look visually healthy. Such cells, as a rule, do not fertilize or give a non-viable embryo.
Carrying out PGD.
Diagnostic allows selection of only healthy embryos for transfer, which are easier to implant to the endometrium and develop better.

Another important factor is the equipment of the clinic and the professionalism of the doctors. VittoriaVita specialists use advanced equipment: karyotype equipment, incubators, embryoscopes.Thanks to a competent selection of a surrogate motherhood program and professional doctors, VittoriaVita helps 100% of couples who have contacted us.

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