Surrogacy cost

Cost of gestational surrogacy is the amount that potential parents pay for the surrogacy program. This is the price for a whole complex of surrogacy services, including medical, administrative and legal services, as well as payments to a surrogate mother.

How much does it cost to do surrogacy?

VittoriaVita offers 4 surrogacy programs:

All programs include basic services: medical examinations, selection of a surrogate mother, IVF, pregnancy monitoring, accommodation and meals for potential parents in Ukraine, paperwork for a child and others. The more expensive the program, the more options it includes. In “Guarantee” we carry out PGD, offer gender selection, provide care for premature babies, etc. In comparison with other countries, Ukraine offers relatively cheap gestational surrogacy. So, the average cost of surrogacy is 2.5 times lower here than in Canada, and 3 times lower than in the USA. At the same time, the requirements for treatment are specified in the legislation; therefore, it is carried out according to the highest standards and only in accredited clinics.

What is included in the cost of the gestational surrogacy program in Ukraine?

Let’s look at what is included in the full surrogate cost of VittoriaVita programs (using the example of ” Guarantee “).


Medical care:

  • surveys and analyzes for parents, surrogate mother, oocyte donor;
  • IVF procedure;
  • PGD;
  • surrogate mother’s pregnancy management (ultrasound, tests, vitamins);
  • childbirth;
  • insurance for surrogate;
  • DNA test;
  • care of a premature baby (including the purchase of medicines);
  • pediatrician visits to the newborn after discharge from the hospital;

If the couple is going to use their own embryos, then donor services in the price of surrogacy are not included.


Insti tutional arrangements:

  • meeting at the airport, transfer;
  • accommodation and meals for parents in Ukraine;
  • maid service;
  • personal translation services;

During the pregnancy of the surrogate mother, the manager sends the results of the surveys to the parents, tells about her well-being. When parents arrive in Ukraine, the manager helps to improve life, escorts to the clinic and the embassy — in general, stays in touch 24/7 and supports in all situations.


Payments to a surrogate mother:

  • remuneration for participation in the program;
  • monthly payments for food and clothing;
  • babysitting service for her baby during childbirth;

How much does gestational surrogacy cost? Surrogate mother receives compensation for her services. Potential parents do not pay her anything directly, all financial transactions are made through our agency. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and removes unnecessary worries from the couple.


Legal support:

  • registration of birth certificate;
  • preparation of documents for the embassy;
  • registration of a child’s passport;

At the end of the program, parents receive a full package of documents, where they are recorded as “mom” and “dad”. With the birth certificate and passport of the child, they fly away to their home country. VittoriaVita offers parents a package of services at a fixed cost. We help to choose the most effective program depending on age and health.

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