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Paula and Alejandro
(Spain, 30.10.2019)

We are very glad that we got known about VittoriaVita, they realized our dream of becoming parents in a year.

We were very pleased with your attitude towards us, Anastasia, our main translator, was very attentive and always came to our aid.

I would like to emphasize the professionalism and punctuality of Irina when working with our documents, always at a high level.

And we are very happy that we managed to have excellent personal relationships with our surrogate mother, she took great care of our baby, he was born healthy and big. Our best wishes to her and her family.

Thanks to the guys in the transport department, they always took us on time and were very correct.

After the foregoing, many more thanks for the excellent work of this team, which helped us find a complete family.
Best wishes.


Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Jorge and Carmen
(Spain, 31.07.2019)

We are very pleased with the speed of the process and the personal attitude of Yuri, Dima, Irina, Slava, Nina and Lyuda towards us. They treated us great. It is worth mentioning that it is very difficult to come into the entrance with a baby carriage.

Cleanliness and food were excellent. There is one point for improvement: you should look through the documentation for mistakes more carefully.

We are very pleased with the way VittoriaVita helped us solve our questions and doubts.


Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Jorge and Ana
(Spain, 24.05.2019)

Considering the personal circumstances which brought us here, we are very pleased with the work of the VittoriaVita agency.

They always took care about us and solved all our doubts and concerns.

We are really happy with the whole process.

Thank you very much!

Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Daniela and Hugo
(Spain, 15.05.2019)

Overall, the experience was positive, but there are some aspects to improve.

1. Speaking about the communication with other families in the same house, we recommend you to inform us when one of the families comes with minor children, we have never been informed or asked about this (coexistence with children is much louder)

2. We recommend a more equitable distribution of the space of the house; families who arrive to the apartment second have to put up with what is left from another family.

3. Housework staff, Olga and Lyuda:

LYUDA: adapts to the needs of families, timetables, meals, communicates with children and makes the stay enjoyable, generally excellent.
(we would like you to know that)

OLGA: we had a confrontation with her, because she made a distinction between families, which in some cases was not in our side, and it was unpleasant; she is very pompous, she does not take into account the needs of children in terms of schedules, showed disrespect even to my person, I’m still waiting for an apology. As for food, we had to demand that it be varied. We are dissatisfied with her work very much, the coordinator of VV was aware of all these circumstances, and we are still waiting for the reaction (we believe that she has even more authority than Slava has)

4) coordinator Anna: we are very happy with her work, she is always available and attentive to our requests, in general 10 points for her humanity and work.

Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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David and Marta
(Spain, 14.05.2019)

We have been waiting for 2 years to fulfill our dream of being parents. During this time we lived moments of both joyful laughter and tears. Fortunately, this story has a happy end. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us during this process, which has a huge amount of emotions in addition to the economic component.

Also we want to express this gratitude to your whole team (mainly Julia and Slava), because they always accompanied us and were patient.

Such work is not just a kind work, because clients who come to surrogacy in general have a very unhappy history of failures and suffering and they turn to Vittoria Vita with a very important emotional charge.

They expect to be understood and supported at all stages of the process. As a gift, we brought you a typical Malbec wine from Argentina so that you and your family can enjoy the taste of our country and somehow “feel our land” …

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Sofia and Iker
(Spain, 30.04.2019)

Everything was great. I felt everyone took care about me and I was in safety all this time. Just thank the whole VittoriaVita team for making my family’s dream come true so organized and safely.

Eternally grateful,

Hug the whole team

Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Alvaro and Daniela
(Spain, 08.04.2019)

We are very grateful for VittoriaVita that this whole process was so easy and friendly.

We are very pleased with our translator, Julia, she was always so attentive, reacted quickly and tried to solve all our problems.

The stay was very good, food and cleanliness were excellent. We are very grateful to Sveta and Alena for their help with the children.

Thanks VittoriaVita, we are very happy. There were two of us when we arrived here, and now four of us are leaving. Many thanks for everything.

You have fulfilled our dream.



Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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