Daniel and Lucia
(Spain, 30.03.2019)

Dear VittoriaVita

We are writing this letter to thank you for making our dream come true and we became the parents of Miguel and Matilda.

It was a really great experience, congratulations to such a fantastic team that you managed to assemble. It made us feel at home, while being in Kiev.

Thanks again for the excellent attitude, and accept our endless gratitude for the fulfillment of our cherished dream.

Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Irene and Marta
(Spain, 24.03.2019)

I want to emphasize, we think that administrative procedures could be accelerated, but in general the whole process was correct.

And although we believe that the change of our translator has hurt us, we are grateful to Daria for her attention. She treated us very well both in relation to the whole process, and in relation to the health problem Yolanda had. Daria was always worried about this.

We also want to thank Olga for her attention to us and to our children. She took great care of us.


Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Laura and Manuel
(Spain, 28.02.2019)

It was a pleasure to realize our dream with your agency. We never felt alone, and any problem that arose during our stay was resolved efficiently and immediately.

Therefore, we would like to thank the whole VittoriaVita team, and especially Victoria, our translator, for her patience in the moments we felt uncertainty.

Thank you very much for being with us during this our special journey.



Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Ivan and Alba
(Spain, 22.02.2019)

Thank you for the professionalism and attention of our manager Julia, we were very pleased with her throughout the whole process. She always solved very quickly everything that depended on her.


Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Sara and Adrian
(Spain, 21.02.2019)

I want to thank the whole VittoriaVita team for their good attitude to us from the very beginning of the process, for constantly informing us about everything. Thank you for every moment and for helping us with our doubts and fears after 15 years of struggle for the opportunity to be parents and a lot of suffering. We had many unsuccessful IVF cycles, and we were very disappointed, but we continued to struggle.

And our dream always told us: “Forward, and forwards only!.” Thanks to excellent professional and humane VittoriaVita team, our dream has come true. Now we have wonderful twins: Daniel and Natalia.

We want to thank all the staff for the work, but especially our manager Katya for her special complicity, also Victoria and Vladimir for their help.



Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Pablo and Maria
(Spain, 21.01.2019)

We express our sincere gratitude to VittoriaVita, all its staff, our coordinators and professionals, with whom we had the pleasure to communicate during our stay in Kiev.

Everything was as we expected, and even in many cases it exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you for fulfilling our dream of becoming parents.


Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Nori Gladys Eliana Basco
(USA, 11.06.2018)

Our myriad thanks to “VittoriaVita” for making our dreams of having a baby now a reality.
It was in the last quarter of 2016 when we got in contact with our client coordinator Natalie.

She`s very knowledgeable and my endless questions and inquiries about the gestational surrogacy program were answered. After that, we got the requirements ready. By Mai of 2017, we traveled to Ukraine and met with Natalie and Sergij and other staff of “VittoriaVita”. They`re very nice and very accommodating . We then signed up for the surrogacy program and we were accompanied to the fertility clinic which was very nice. We`re so happy meeting them and we enjoyed our stay in Kiev. After that “VittoriaVita” was so good, they were able to find us a surrogate. We then send our frozen embryos from the USA to Ukraine. We were so happy that with the first attempt our wonderful surrogate got positive results with the pregnancy process. All throughout her pregnancy, we were updated with pregnancy ultrasound reports and reports, lab works, etc. Fast forward to May of 2018, time for our god-guen miracle baby to be born, we immediately flew back to Ukraine. This time we stayed in Zhytomyr. It was the happiest day of our lives being able to finally have our precious baby in our arms. All throughout our stay in Zhytomyr from the birth of our baby to finally flew back to the USA,we`re being taken good care by “VittoriaVita”. Natalie and Vova were always there for our needs.

Again, from the bottom of our grateful hearts, we thanks to “VittoriaVita” for everything. We`re very happy and satisfied with their love and care for us. Thank you very much. To Got be the price , thanks and glary.

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Mario and Eva
(Spain, 04.06.2018)

La experiencia de gestación subrogada con Vittoria Vita ha sido muy buena. La atención recibida, el cuidado, la comunicación con la intérprete ha sido todo muy bueno.

Nuestra estancia en Zhytomyr genial, una ciudad bonita y agradable. Y el piso es muy cómodo.

El personal que nos ha atendido, Yulia y Vladymir, han sido muy amables y atentos, y cada vez que hemos necesitado algo,

han estado pendientes. En general, todo bien. Nos planteamos repetir.

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Yesica and Armando
(Spain, 18.05.2018)

No sé como expresar en pocas palabras todos los sentimientos que en estos momentos sentimos.

Han sido muchos años de lucha para conseguir nuestro sueño de ser padres y gracias a ustedes hoy somos las personas más felices del mundo. Nunca podremos pagar el apoyo que hemos sentido por parte de Julia. Con ella hemos reído, hemos llorado. Para nosotros no ha sido una trabajadora más, sino una hermana. Gracias por tu profesionalidad, por tu cercanía,  y respecto a Vladymir es una persona servicial en plan trabajador. Sabemos que nuestra gestante estuvo bien atendida y muy cómoda cada vez que lo necesitó.

Por favor, no cambien nunca. Es un trabajo y negocio, pero ante todo una gran familia.

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Katja and Jussi
(Finland, 24.04.2018)

Kiitos koko sydämemme pohjasta koko Vittoria Vitan väelle. Olette tehneet meidän täällä olesta todella hienon.
Olette auttaneet meitä korvaamattomalla tavalla. Olette tehneet meidän unelmista totta.
Erityisesti haluamme kiittää Nataliaa ja Vovaa heidän avusta ja suunnattomasta ystävällisyydestä. Unohtomatta myöskään olenan korvaamatonta apua, joka tässä teki suurimman “työn”.
Kiitos teille kaikille tuhannesti!
Teillä on aina erityinen paikka meidän sydämessä.

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