The selection process and a list of requirements for egg donors

Oocyte donation (eggs) is a technology that involves the use of eggs of an outside woman in an IVF act.

Donation is used when it is impossible to obtain high-quality oocytes, patients or oocytes cannot be used because of medical evidence, repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts.  An egg donor voluntarily agrees to provide her own oocytes to another woman. An obligatory condition for participation in the program of donation of oocytes is the mutual agreement of all parties and legal arrangements of the relevant documents.

Egg donor search

How to find an egg donor ?  The most effective way is to contact a specialized agency that is engaged in the search and selection of  egg donor. These agencies have extensive databases of egg donors,  based on patient requirements and preferences. The selection of an egg donor is an important process, since the health and appearance of the unborn child depend on the quality of the oocytes.

The VittoriaVita agency has created the most extensive database of donors in Ukraine, which contains such information:

General data
(photo, weight, figure)
Health and bad habits
Nationality, religion, education,
marital status
Gender, children`s health
Data on donor`s parents

All donors are healthy women with no bad habits of contraindications to egg donation. The base is constantly updated, all girls undergo detailed medicogenetic investigation .

What are the requirements to egg donor?

The following requirements are claimed to the egg donor:

  • The age of the egg donor is from 18 to 30 years (may vary by other agencies)
  • willingness to take the necessary drugs according to set schedule
  • healthy lifestyle, no bad habits
  • lack of mental illness
  • lack of stimulation in the last 4 months
  • native healthy child

Each egg donor undergoes a detailed medicogenetic examination, in which doctors:

  • eliminate genetic risks
  • study hormonal balance
  • check for infections in the body

Process of IVF with egg donation

After a detailed diagnosis, cycles are synchronized.

Then an individual stimulation act is developed and conducted ovary to the donor. Further stages are the same as in the standard IVF program, only all manipulations are carried out with the egg donor, but not the future mother:

  • extraction of eggs
  • artificial insemination
  • embryo cultivation
  • transferable quality embryos in the future mother’s womb
  • administration of supporting hormonal drugs
  • pregnancy test

Then an individual ovarian stimulation actl for the donor is developed and conducted. Further stages are the same as in the standard IVF program, only all manipulations are carried out with the egg donor, and not the expectant mother:

egg retrieval

in vitro fertilization

embryo cultivation

transport quality embryos  into future mother’s womb

take supporting hormonal drugs

pregnancy test

After IVF the future mother will be monitored by doctors. Course of taking hormonal drugs are determined individually. Information about donor programs is completely confidential.

The couple receives information about the state of health , appearance , personal qualities of the donor, but undertakes not to make any attempts to find and establish contact with the donor in the future.

* We offer you to familiarize yourself with our egg donor base.

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