IVF : prospects for success

In vitro fertilization is the most effective method of infertility treatment. The diagnosis of “infertility” is no longer a verdict today, as the rapid development of reproductive technologies allows infertile couples to become parents even in the most difficult situations.
How effective is IVF in the treatment of various forms of infertility and what are the prospects for success for patients who decide to participate in the program?

Factors that influence on success of IVF:

The key point in the choice of the clinic is the statistics of successful protocols. Factors affecting the success of IVF:

  • patient age
  • factors and duration of infertility
  • quality of the obtained oocytes
  • quality and quantity of sperm produced
  • number of embryos prepared for transfer
  • endometrial state of the uterus at the time of embryo transfer
  • qualification of doctors
  • correctly chosen act and regimen of hormonal drugs
  • patient lifestyle
  • the presence of chronic diseases, acute inflammatory processes in the body.

Not in all cases, patients can get pregnant the first time. With each new attempt, the probability of a successful outcome of the procedure increases. The level of technical equipment of the clinic, the qualifications of medical staff, the quality of the materials used, the presence of a cryobank and diagnostic capabilities greatly influence to the effectiveness.

In vitro fertilizations success rate

Depending on the act chosen, the statistics of IVF rate are as follows:

the birth ratewhen using IVF in the natural cycle is 8-11% percent(the probability of conception in this case decreases due to the number of mature eggs per cycle — only one, less often two)

percent of attempts are successful cryo protocols
IVF + ICSI leads to a result of 32-35% on the first attempt, the second attempt increases the odds to 40-42% percent. With each next attempt, the chances of success increase.
percent of patients become pregnant and have a child with in vitro fertilization with using donor materials gives high effectiveness

The success rate of IVF also depends on the age of the patient:

Up to 34 years, a positive result is observed in 38% percent of patients.

34-38 years old – 30% percent

40 years and older – the success rate is reduced to 17% percent

Thanks to IVF, more than 5 million children have already been born in the world. Every year, more than 1 million women undergo fertility treatment with IVF. After transferring more than one embryo, the frequency of multiple pregnancies is 30% percent .

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