VittoriaVita at Wish for a Baby Berlin 2024 16.02.2024

VittoriaVita at Wish for a Baby Berlin 2024

Dear friends, you have a great opportunity to get to know us better at the Wish for a Baby Fertility Clinic Exhibition, which will take place on March 2 and 3 in Berlin, Germany.  During the event, we will tell you all about infertility treatment programs and answer all your questions! You will also be...
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How to calculate the due date after IVF? 28.12.2023

How to calculate the due date after IVF?

Calculation of the due date is an important thing since it allows us to monitor the level of development of the child, as well as the state of the woman’s body in different trimesters. With natural conception, the due date is most often determined by the obstetric method – from the first day of the...
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VittoriaVita at Wish for a Baby Cologne 2023 27.12.2023

VittoriaVita at Wish for a Baby Cologne 2023

On October 21 and 22, Cologne (Germany) hosted Wish for a Baby, an exhibition of clinics specializing in infertility treatment, and, of course, the VittoriaVita team took part in the event. There were incredibly many people at the exhibition, we did not expect so many couples to visit us. Couples who became parents through VittoriaVita...
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Infertility after abortion 08.06.2022

Infertility after abortion

If a woman has had an abortion at least once before, then in the future, the likelihood of infertility increases. Sometimes abortion is performed at personal request or in order to preserve the health of the woman with abnormal development of the fetus.
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Surrogacy in Singapore 18.05.2022

Surrogacy in Singapore

Surrogacy is a hot topic in modern society. Society is controversial about its attitudes towards the surrogacy process and so are entire countries, which either prohibit it altogether or impose numerous restrictions on the provision of services for conceiving and bearing children from donated biological material.
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Low ovarian reserve 26.04.2022

Low ovarian reserve

Every woman has a certain number of eggs that are able to mature and fertilize. The ovarian count is determined during the period of intrauterine development of the female fetus. A low ovarian reserve can be caused by genetic, physiological, and medical factors.
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