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VittoriaVita is the leading surrogacy agency in Ukraine. We offer both infertility treatment and surrogacy programs using IVF, IUI, donor egg cells, and donor sperm. To achieve better results, our agency works with highly qualified specialists in the field of infertility treatment. More than 500 infertile couples from all over the world have become happy parents in the 10 years we’ve been in business. You can trust VittoriaVita your dream of creating a happy family.

Legality of surrogacy in Ukraine

Legality of surrogacy in Ukraine Ukraine is one of the few states in the world where surrogacy is supported and regulated by law. Most of European countries refused to use this method of infertility treatment. For example, in Germany, the Supreme Federal Court issued a bill that banned surrogacy in the country. In Ukraine, congresses [...]

Surrogacy cost

Cost of gestational surrogacy is the amount that potential parents pay for the surrogacy program. This is the price for a whole complex of surrogacy services, including medical, administrative and legal services, as well as payments to a surrogate mother. How much does it cost to do surrogacy? VittoriaVita offers 4 surrogacy programs: "Care" Transfer [...]

Find a Surrogate Mother

How to find surrogate mother? You can do it in two ways: independently among friends or through an agency. We fully support the second option and we will explain why. Along the way, let  us see what qualities a candidate should possess and what is included in the cost of her services. Why hiring a [...]

How does gestational surrogacy work? Step-by-step guidance

Married couples who come to Vittoria Vita pass through several surrogacy steps. It all starts with a call or email to the agency, and ends with the birth of the baby.  This process takes about 12–15 months: 1-2 months will be spent on the initial preparation of documents, examinations and medical procedures, then 9 months [...]

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Helene and Matthias

Our couple from Germany had been going to Ukraine by car for 26 hours. The journey was long and exhausting. This trip was with a pet – a dog named Sirko that was apparently from Ukraine. After 8 weeks in Kyiv, the happy family finally headed home.
The mother of newborn girl told us why they decided to take part in the surrogacy program, how they chose Ukraine and VittoriaVita, as well as whether they intended to take part in the surrogacy program again.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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Gestational Surrogate Motherhood with VittoriaVita

During the 10 years of being in business, our surrogacy agency VittoriaVita has changed the lives of more than 500 couples from all over the world and has helped them complete their families. “VittoriaVita” is one of the leading multilingual surrogacy agencies in Ukraine with the head office in Kiev.

Our agency’s activities comply with the Ukrainian legislation, according to which commercial surrogacy is permitted for infertile couples and the legal parents are biological mom and dad of the child.  Our lawyers will assist you from the very beginning of your surrogacy program and will ensure that your child’s documents are in order and you can return to your country without any problems.

Besides the favorable legislation on surrogacy, Ukraine has a visa-free policy for citizens of Canada, the United States and most European countries.

All our infertility treatment programs (In vitro fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination, egg donation, egg freezing, surrogate motherhood) are worked out in the smallest details to help our clients. By working with qualified fertility specialists and using modern technical equipment, we provide effective infertility treatment at reasonable and flexible prices. The key elements of our work are strict adherence to the ethical code and respect for the privacy of our customers. 

Our surrogacy agency VittoriaVita can offer you a huge database of potential egg / sperm donors, as well as surrogate mothers who have already undergone all necessary medical examinations and meet all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. 

Members of our team are always ready to provide you with clear and comprehensive information on the organizational, medical, legal or financial aspects of infertility treatment in any form convenient for you: via the contact form on our website, by e-mail, via phone or Skype at any time convenient for you. 

Surrogacy with VittoriaVita is a safe, easy, absolutely legal and joyful way to become parents! We do our best to make your dreams come true!