The egg donation process

An oocyte donor can be a woman who meets all the required parameters. The egg donation process consists of several preparatory stages, including psychological preparation, genetic screening of egg donors, a comprehensive medical examination and legal issues.

The “7 Steps” of an egg donor

A woman who wants to participate in the donor program has to take “7 steps”:

  1. Fill out a questionnaire on the VittoriaVita website.

  2. Get a consultation with a reproductologist.

  3. Sign a contract, which specifies all the legal rights of an egg donor.

    The legal egg donor agreement outlines the rights of the donor as well as the intended parents.

  4. To undergo tests and a free medical examination.

    Despite the complexity of the egg donation process, long and thorough preparation, oocyte donation allows women who cannot conceive naturally to experience the joy of motherhood. The procedure involves the retrieval of oocytes after preliminary preparation.

    1. Psychological assessment. A woman should fully understand the pros and possible risks of participating in a donor program before she signs a contract.
    2. Fertility screening, the purpose of which is to examine donor oocytes through several examinations, assessing blood indicators.
    3. Medical screening to determine the Rh factor, general health, exclusion of infectious diseases.
    4. Genetic screening is performed on certain indications.
  5. The stage of stimulation

    After the screening of the donor oocytes, the next stage of the program is the control and preparation of the follicle and oocytes. The stage of stimulation of the ovaries of the egg donor includes the following actions:

    • Taking birth control pills to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the donor and the woman using IVF;
    • Carrying out a vaginal sonogram;
    • Follicle-stimulating hormone treatment for 8-10 days.

    After the follicles reach full maturity, HCG is injected. This procedure is aimed at preparing the ovaries for oocyte retrieval.

  6. The egg retrieval procedure

    The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is relatively painless. The procedure is performed under constant ultrasound monitoring and using a long needle. After the manipulation, the donor is recommended to rest for 1-2 hours.

  7. Get a financial reward for donor eggs.