Surrogacy program “Victory”

IVF + surrogate mother

Program preparation and organization

IVF program conduction

Surrogate mother’s pregnancy following

Childbirth and child’s documents preparation

Main advantages of the program:

vv_icoIVF program with own egg cells;

vv_icoIndividual preparation schedule for program conduction;

vv_icoReplacement of Surrogate mother at the request of the couple or the doctor’s recommendations;

vv_icoThe possibility of shift to the program with donor’s eggs “Guarantee”

vv_icoCompensation and all payments for Surrogate mother;

vv_icoInsurance for Surrogate mother;

vv_icolawyer’s services for child’s documents execution;

vv_icoDNA test.


The couple receives the birth certificate
where they are registered as “mother” and “father”

*the program is available only for officially married couples

«Victory» program includes :


Preparation and organization of the program beginning.

Guest and administrative services:
  • meeting at the airport, airport-hotel transfer;
  • comfortable apartment for parents;
  • food (for all visits);
  • package of services for organization and supervision of medical program
    carrying out;
  • translator services;
  • excursions across Kyiv in free time;
  • informational support of parents;
  • baby photo album “ an extract from maternity hospital”;
  • the monitoring and controlling process of the program;
  • services of pediatrician and a nurse for newborn.

Legal and notary services for program execution:
  • translation and preparation of documents for the program;
  • notary services;
  • contracts and other legal documents execution for all participants of the program.

Organization of the program’s beginning:
  • primary consultation of the couple in the clinic: analyses, preparation plan
    elaboration, on-line consultation according to the results of examination;
  • preparation of medical documents for the program;
  • organization of the meeting with Surrogate mother.

Surrogate mother’s selection and preparation:
  • medical and psychological examination, preparation for the program, medicines,
  • medical control of a surrogate during the whole program (vitamins and medicines,
    ultrasonography, analyses and screenings);
  • surrogate mother’s insurance;
  • housing and clothes for surrogate mother;
  • compensation payment to surrogate and her monthly maintenance;
  • expenses for transport;
  • services of the curator for surrogate mother.

IVF with donor’s egg cells program conduction.

IVF+ICSI Program using donor’s oocytes:
  • examination, medicines, monitoring, preparation of the egg donor and
    surrogate mother;
  • puncture;
  • artificial insemination ICSI;
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – PGD;
  • cryopreservation and storage of embryos for 1 year;
  • embryo transfers till the surrogate mother’s pregnancy occurring.

Surrogate mother’s pregnancy following.

  • pregnancy monitoring;
  • laboratory analyses;
  • US of the fetus;
  • fetal genetic screenings;
  • vitamins and medications provision;
  • dietician prescriptions for a diet;
  • informational support of parents.

Childbirth and child’s documents execution.

  • organization of the presence of parents during childbirth;
  • medicines, first essential items;
  • examination and supervision of the newborn by the children’s doctor;
  • DNA test.

Child’s documents execution:
  • obtaining a medical birth certificate and an evidence of in vitro fertilization;
  • maintenance of registration of the child in the Registry Office;
  • notary services;
  • preparation and registration of all documents requested by Embassy for;
    baby and departure.


1st payment – when signing a contract 16 000 euro.

2d payment – on third month of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy 9 000 euro.

3d payment – on seventh month of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy 5 000 euro.

4th payment – on the day or receiving child/children birth certificate  5 000 euro.

Additional payments

  • Second attempt of cryo embryos transfer ( in case of having frozen embryos) 1 500 Euros.
  • Second IVF program for new embryos creation 4 500 Euros.
  • Additional payment for surrogate’s Caesarean section 1 000 Euros.
  • Compensation for a surrogate for abortion after the 3rd month of pregnancy 1 000 Euros.
  • Additional payment for loss of the surrogate’s uterus 2 000 Euros.
  • Preimplantation genetic screening of all embryos of 5 chromosomes (13,18,21, X, Y), PGD 1 500 Euros.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Comparative genomic hybridization, 24 chromosomes (diagnosis of 8
    embryos; every next 300 euro additionally 500 Euros.
  • Additional payment for twins 4 000 Euros.
  • Payment for medicines for incomplete pregnancy nursing by checks.

Program is conducted by:

Strelko Galina Vladimirovna – Head Doctor of Medical center.

Strelko Galina Vladimirovna

Doctor of the highest category. Candidate of Medical Sciences

Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and
Embryology (ESHRE), American Society for Reproductive Medicine
(ASRM), Ukrainian Society for Reproductive Medicine (USRM).

In 2004 – defended a thesis “Infertility treatment caused by
the polycystic ovary syndrome using ART.

The Program is supported by the team of specialists:

Ligirda Natalia Fedorovna

20 years of experience

Gesenko Elena Alexandrovna

20 years of experience

Mikitenko Dmitriy Alexandrovich

18 years of experience

Lazun Alexandr Nikolaevich

29 years of experience

Babina Galina Vasilievna

20 years of experience

Gryshchuk Yuriy Vladimirovich

US doctor
25years of experience

Lysak Natalia Vladimirovna

surrogate mothers’ medical
5 years of experience

Portnenko Viktoriia Alexandrovna

Prenatal psychologist
10 years of experience

Govseev Dmitriy Alexandrovich

Obstetrician-genecologist in
maternity hospital
25 years of experience

Shablii Tatyana Petrovna

18 years of experience

Averina Evgeniia Anatoliievna

25 years of experience

Omelchenko Vyacheslav Alekseevich

10 years of experience

VittoriaVita translators/interpreters

5 years of experience

4 from 5 conducted by «VittoriaVita» programs are successful from the first attempt
(statistics of the patients in the age of 30-55 years, who used egg donation).


Оnline consultation.
  • Preliminary consultation per Skype, email or per Phone of our medical coordinator regarding the
    choice of the treatment mode the best fitting for you;
  • The selection of surrogate mother.

First visit – 1-2 days. Diagnostics and beginning of the program.
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
  • Appointment with the Doctor– preliminary medical examinations;
  • Laboratory blood tests; husband’s sperm cells examination and cryopreservation;
  • The choice of the most appropriate treatment kind for you – preparation of stimulation protocol;
  • Acquaintance with surrogate mother;
  • The signing of the contract with VittoriaVita and medical documents for the program;
  • Excursions across Kyiv in free time.

Treatment due to protocol at home or in Kyiv – duration 15-20 days.
  • Due to the well prepared protocol of a distant coordination of auxiliary reproductive technologies
    procedures, you can stay at home during the treatment;
  • The Doctor will prepare for you the treatment protocol and set the process of egg cells
    development stimulation under control due to results of US-examinations;
  • At the same time with your treatment the preparation of endometrium of surrogate mother will be
    hold with the help of medication of estradiol and progesterone(Proginova, Utrojestan).

Second visit – 5-8 days. Ovary puncture,fertilization and the transfer of embryos to surrogate mother.
  • 3 days before ovarian puncture the Doctor determines the day of your arrival exactly and let you
    know for planning it;
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments
  • Visit to clinic. Extraction of egg cells under anesthetic and US- control
  • Spermatozoa preparation
  • Egg cells fertilization
  • Cultivation of embryos 120 h. (till blastocysts)
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – PGD (according to parents’ wish or Doctor’s recommendation)
  • Transfer of embryos into uterine cavity
  • Cryopreservation of the embryos left;
  • Surrogate mother’s pregnancy development following.

Next following visits (up to parents) on your wish, it can be at – US-examination of fetus on 22-24th
week of pregnancy of surrogate mother.
  • Parents will receive the information about the pregnancy of surrogate mother per phone, Skype,
    email – notifications about the results of analyses, examinations, and USS.

Third visit –35 – 45 days . Childbirth and execution of the documents for the child.
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
  • Preparation for surrogate mother’s delivery;
  • Childbirth and care after newborn;
  • Pediatrician consultation;
  • Discharge from the maternity hospital and child’s documents preparation;
  • Execution of passport/travel document for the child at the Embassy and arrival to your country.