Program “Result”

IVF using fresh donor’s eggs and sperm of the partner
with guaranteed pregnancy result

Main advantages of the program:

vv_icoGuaranteed pregnancy result – everything is included to the cost of the program;

vv_icoNo aditional or hidden payments;

vv_icoLarge database of donors;

vv_icoNo age limits for women;

vv_icoGenetic testing of embryos for the presence of genetic diseases is the guarantee of Your healthy baby birth;

vv_icoEmbryo gender determination.



Preparation and organization of the program beginning.

Guest and administrative services:
  • transfer, apartment for all visits, legal support and translator;
  • egg donor selection;
  • preliminary medical examination;
  • the choice of the most appropriate method of treatment;
  • medications for the donor and the patient;
  • stimulation and control of the donor;
  • synchronization of the menstrual cycles of the patient and the donor;
  • puncture of the ovaries of the donor and the retrieval of eggs;
  • spermatozoa preparation;
  • donor’s eggs fertilization;
  • cultivation of embryos up to 120 hours (until the blastocyst);
  • genetic testing of embryos for the presence of genetic diseases;
  • the transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity;
  • cryo-preservation of remaining embryos for 1 year;
  • support and monitoring of pregnancy development.


1st payment – on the day of Contract signing 6 000 euro.

2d payment – embryotransfer day 5 000 euro.

Program is conducted by:

Strelko Galina Vladimirovna – Head Doctor of Medical center.

Strelko Galina Vladimirovna

Doctor of the highest category. Candidate of Medical Sciences

Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and
Embryology (ESHRE), American Society for Reproductive Medicine
(ASRM), Ukrainian Society for Reproductive Medicine (USRM).

In 2004 – defended a thesis “Infertility treatment caused by
the polycystic ovary syndrome using ART.

The Program is supported by the team of specialists:

Ligirda Natalia Fedorovna

20 years of experience

Gesenko Elena Alexandrovna

20 years of experience

Mikitenko Dmitriy Alexandrovich

18 years of experience

Lazun Alexandr Nikolaevich

29 years of experience

Babina Galina Vasilievna

20 years of experience

Gryshchuk Yuriy Vladimirovich

US doctor
25years of experience

Omelchenko Vyacheslav Alekseevich

10 years of experience

Medical coordinator and VittoriaVita translators

5 years of experience


Оnline consultation.
  • Preliminary consultation per Skype, email or per Phone of our medical coordinator regarding the choice of the treatment mode the best fitting for you;
  • Egg donor selection (according to Your request).

First visit – 1-3 days. Diagnostics and beginning of the program.
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
  • Appointment with the Doctor – preliminary medical examinations (analyses,US, spermogram) ;
  • Sperm cells cryo preservation;
  • The menstrual cycles of an egg donor and patient synchronization;
  • The signing of the contract with VittoriaVita and medical documents for the program;
  • Excursions across Kyiv in free time.

Treatment due to the Protocol at home- duration is 14 days. With the help of the implemented Protocol of remote coordination of procedures of assisted reproductive technologies during treatment You can stay at home
  • For better embryo implantation the patient receives treatment from the 1st day of menstruation for 14 days. It makes mucous membrane of the uterus grow to a certain size;
  • On 12-14 day of the menstrual cycle You should have an ultrasound examination with a local gynecologist in order to estimate the thickness of the endometrium. Ultrasound results should be sent via e-mail.

Egg donor ovarian puncture. Fertilization.
  • Donor cells will be obtained with the help of puncture of the ovaries of the donor under anesthesia. Fertilization of donor eggs with sperm of your partner / spouse on the day of the procedure through the Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Embryos can be devoloping in the laboratory till 120 hours(5 days). Depending on the quantity, quality and embryo development, the embryologist will determine the optimal time to ransfer the embryos, and we can tell you about the time of the second visit to the clinic. Typically, it occurs 5 days after the puncture of the donor, but it can take place in from 2 to 4 days

Second visit to the Medical Center – 2-3 days. Embryotransfer

During 3 days the Doctor will determine the exact day for the second visit and inform it to You for so would you have planned the visit.

  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments
  • Visit to the clinic – transfer of embryos into uterine cavity
  • Cryo preservation of remaiming embryos
  • Pregnancy developing following

Pregnancy developing following.
  • In 14 days after embryotransfer You should pass HCG blood test (human chorionic gonadotropin). It will show if pregnancy is developing. If the result is positive in one week the Ultrasound scan should be done;
  • Preparation for surrogate mother’s delivery;
  • The pregnancy will be followed by Your local Doctor.

During all Your visits You will be supported by translator.