IVF in Ukraine: cost and legality

In vitro fertilization is developing rapidly in our country. Most of the national clinics that specialize in reproductive technologies, united in the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine. Ukraine regularly passes congresses on reproductology, which attract experts from all over the world. There are more than 30 private assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics, thanks to which more than 12,000 children have already been born.

Legal system

Ukrainian legislation is loyal to IVF, unlike many European countries.

A number of legal acts regulate the procedure for conducting ART programs. For example, egg donation is prohibited in Italy and Germany. In Poland, Portugal, Spain, only no cost donation of gametes is allowed.

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where egg donation and IVF are completely legal and accessible to both Ukrainians and foreigners.

This is the best country for medical tourism for those who, due to serious restrictions on the use of ART, cannot use these services at home. That is why foreign couples annually turn to Ukrainian medical centers for the treatment of infertility.

According to Decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 of 09.09.2013 “On approval of the procedure for applying ART”:

  • implementation of ART programs is permitted only in medical institutions that have been accredited to conduct such procedures
  • patients have the right to choose an ART clinic
  • Adult men and women have the right to contact an ART clinic for medical treatment.
  • Medical care through assisted reproductive technology programs is provided in complete confidentiality.
  • Oocyte donors can be both anonymous volunteers and relatives.

In addition, Ukraine is the cheapest country in the field of assisted reproductive technology services, and the average cost of an IVF program is quite acceptable for couples who cannot use such services in their home country.

Price IVF in Kiev

In vitro fertilization is not a single procedure, but a complex set of procedures, the main purpose of which is the pregnancy and childbirth. The cost of IVF in the center of surrogate motherhood VittoriaVita depends on the selected program. The price range of the clinic is from 6000 to 11000 Euros, the cost of the full package of services depends on the chosen program:

The program “New Life”

donor egg + partner sperm


extensive donor database
transfer and accommodation expenses are included in the price.
diagnosis of embryos for the presence of genetic pathologies
high success coefficient

5 500 €

Additional payments:

  • are required when you try IVF again – 1500 Euros (thawing, embryo transfer and all necessary preparations);
  • as well as the preimplantation diagnosis of 8 embryos – 2500 Euros.

The program “Chance”

the patient’s own eggs + sperm of her husband


high success percent
transfer and accommodation expenses are included in the price
genetic diagnosis of embryos
determine the sex of the baby

6 000 €

The first payment (3000 Euros) – on the day of signing the contract, the second ( 3000 Euros) – on the day of ovarian puncture.
Additional payments:

  • are required when you try again IVF – 1500 Euros;
  • In the case of the need for donor sperm the couple pay extra 500 Euros and for preimplantation diagnosis of 8 embryos – 2500 Euros.

The program  “Result”

donor eggs + partner sperm with guaranteed pregnancy result.


guaranteed result
sex determination
genetic diagnosis of embryos

11000 €

the first payment (6000 Euro) – on the day of signing the contract, the second payment (5000 Euro) – on the day of ovarian puncture.

Where is the best place to use the services of the clinic of reproductive technologies in Ukraine? When choosing an institution, pay attention to the availability of modern equipment, licenses, qualifications of doctors, the presence of a donor bank of oocytes and sperm, statistics of successfully performed IVF protocols.

VittoriaVita is a leading surrogate motherhood agency with an office in the center of Kiev, which conducts IVF programs using donor eggs. We have created one of the largest egg donor bases in Ukraine, which is constantly updated. Each donor undergoes a fully medical examine.

We offer IFV + ICSI protocols, as well as surrogate motherhood programs. The success rate in different clinics may differ significantly, as well as price policy.

Have in mind that no specialist will give you a 100% guarantee that pregnancy will come at the first time.

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