Surrogacy program comparison

On this page you can find a comparative table of surrogate motherhood programs that are conducted by our agency. The table has a number of abbreviations that are worth focusing on:

  • SM – A surrogate mother is a woman of childbearing age who has agreed to carry and give birth to a child from genetic parents on a paid or free basis and who does not claim to be the mother of this child
  • IVF –  In vitro fertilization is the process of fertilizing eggs with sperm outside the body
  • PGD –  Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is the diagnosis of human embryos created with IVF for genetic mutations
  • ET – Embryo transfer is an embryo transfer procedure using a thin catheter through the cervix into the uterine cavity
  • ED – Egg donor is a woman who voluntarily offers her oocytes for reproductive use.

1. Preparation of Clients for the program

Related translation services.
Familiarization of Clients with information about the agency, clinic.
Familiarization with information on the use of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated September 9, 2013 No. 787.
Preparation of a complete set of documents of Clients, and its translation.
Coordination and approval of Clients for the program in the medical center.
Provision of contractual documentation on the program to the Clients.

2. Preparations of the SM for the program:

Search, selection, inspection of SM and compensation of associated costs.
Legal examination of the civil status of the SM and preparation of a package of documents for admission to the program, in accordance with the jurisdiction of the country of the Clients.
One candidate included (SM) at least 1 ET
Unlimited number of attempts
Conducting Skype interviews with surrogate mother
One candidate included (SM) at least 1 ET
Unlimited number of attempts
Preparation of a contract with a surrogate mother.
and its notarization
One candidate included (SM) at least 1 ET
Unlimited number of attempts

3. Egg donor for the program

Providing access to the ED catalog for selecting an individual donor and obtaining donor eggs for one IVF program. The candidate from the catalog can be selected according to the characteristics: height, weight, hair and eye color, nose, and other.
Reservations, examinations, preparation and fee of oocyte donor.

4. Visit to Kiev to prepare “IVF program under SM method”

The meeting of the Couples at the airport by the representative of the Attorney and the provision of airport transfer – Kiev – clinic – notary – airport.
Comfortable accommodation for 2 days and 2 nights, including all the necessary amenities: WiFi, kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, bedroom for rest etc.
2 nights included
Services of an interpreter
included up to 3 days
Provision of a mobile phone with a SIM card of the Ukrainian operator (for communication via the Internet application).
Three meals a day in a restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner) without alcohol.
for 3 days
Visit the IVMED clinic to the doctor responsible for the program to receive medical advice, testing / surrender of biological material, and medical documentation for treatment under the SM program.
Notary certification of translation of the documents of the Couples necessary for participation in the SM program (passports, marriage certificates, medical certificate).
Preparation and notarization of the contract with one surrogate mother
Included registration of the contract with one SM
Unlimited number of attempts
Registration of a notarized Power of Attorney from the Clients for the right to sign an agreement with SM.

5. Stage of the IVF+ICSI program

Sperm preparation
Informing about the stages of organization and implementation of the program: preparation of the ED for puncture, preparation of SM for ET, provision of information on IVF.
Preparing an EG with full medical support for puncture.
one IVF cycle included
Unlimited number of attempts
IVF + ICSI and embryo cultivation.
one cycle included
Unlimited number of attempts
PGD on 5 chromosomes
included diagnosis for embryos obtained from a single IVF cycle
Unlimited number of attempts
PGD on 9 chromosomes
1500 euro
PGD on 24 chromosomes
2500 euro
Cryopreservation and storage of embryos.
1 year
until childbirth

6. Embryo Transfer Stage:

Preparing a surrogate mother with full medical support for embryo transfer, payment for her transportation costs, food
Preparation of one SM
Unlimited number of attempts
Sex selection of the embryo before ET.
Transfer of embryo / embryos with full medical support to support pregnancy.
One ET included
Unlimited number of attempts
Analysis: urine test on 11th day after transfer.
Analysis: hCG on day 14 after transfer.
Analysis: Ultrasound on day 28 after transfer.
Surrogate mother’s pregnancy control by medical specialists. Drug provision and adjustment of medication intake.