Ukraine: some info for your visit

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Ukraine is Europe, so we share the values of freedom and independence that are be integrant to Europe. Our people are very generous, hardworking, brave and creative, but the most important thing – we are very friendly and kind. We have decided to prepare for you the most important moments that may awake your interest.

Security. Despite the precarious situation in the East of the country, Kyiv is a safe and welcoming city. There are no military conflicts here in Kyiv. The territory where the war is going on is situated more than 700 km from Kyiv (a distance long enough for 3 states like Portugal). Kyiv’s criminal rate is only 43%, while cities like London and New York have these indices up to 56% and 53% correspondingly. It is worth mentioning that, unlike in these big cities, there were no acts of terrorism in Kyiv. So, our foreign guests can be completely safe here.

Arrival. The VittoriaVita’s CEO and an interpreter will pick you up at the international airport Boryspil. This is the biggest airport in Ukraine by the passenger traffic, number of air companies and flights. The Boryspil airport is situated 30 km away from Kyiv. You will be able to get to the city in under 30 minutes.

Accommodation.. You will stay in a comfortable apartment situated in the central part of Kyiv. There is a metro station and a bus stop near it. When you have free time, you can see the historical and the cultural part of the city, get to know our traditions and try our national cuisine.

Recreation and entertainment. The St. Sophia Square is located in the central part of the city. It is well-known for many cultural events that take place there. The Andriyivsky Descent, one of the most popular streets in Kyiv, is 15 minutes away from the Sophia Square, if you walk. You can feel the authentic Kyiv atmosphere there and also buy some Ukrainian souvenirs. During your stay in Kyiv you will have an opportunity to visit museums, art galleries, cathedrals and theatres. The architecture of the city is really fascinating.

The Ukrainian cuisine is well-known outside the country. There are many cafes and restaurants where you can try our famous dishes like borsch, salo, varenyky, banosh, uzvar. Kyiv also has many cozy places with European, Georgian, Japanese and other cuisines. The atmosphere in our cafes is extremely warm and friendly. By the way, the majority of waiters speak English.

Currency exchange. You can change your money at the airport, but we recommend that you do it after arriving in Kyiv. There are a lot of banks next to the building you’ll be staying in. The prices in Kyiv are quite moderate, for instance, a museum ticket would cost only 2 euro and a glass of beer – only 1 euro.

Language. The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, and a big part of the population speak Russian. Although, many people here speak English. That is why the chances are good that if you ask somebody on the street a question in English, this person will answer you in English to