Find a Surrogate Mother

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How to find surrogate mother? You can do it in two ways: independently among friends or through an agency. We fully support the second option and we will explain why. Along the way, let  us see what qualities a candidate should possess and what is included in the cost of her services.

Why hiring a surrogate mother at an agency is profitable?

In most countries of the world (Spain, Germany, England, Italy) surrogate mums cannot take money for their services, and its advertising is generally prohibited.  It turns out that a infertile couple needs to find a woman among their friends who agrees to carry the child for free. The experience of our clients shows that it is almost unreal. In Ukraine, commercial surrogacy is allowed at the legislative level; therefore, specialized agencies work legally. VittoriaVita is independently looking for women who are ready to become a gestational carrier and help infertile couples.  The agency examines them and organizes an IVF procedure. Later, our doctors screen pregnancy and monitor surrogates’ state of health.

Why it is profitable to hire gestational mother through VittoriaVita?

  1. There are always women who are ready to start the program. You can get acquainted with them online before flying to Ukraine.
  2. Women receive payments gradually: monthly payments on food and clothing, as well as large contributions on the 7th month and after delivery.
  3. All candidates have passed strict medical and psychological selection. This is about 20 examinations and an interview with a psychologist.
  4. Throughout the program, their condition (physical and psychological) is monitored by doctors and company managers. Also, women communicate with personal medical coordinator-psychologist and get her support.
  5. Women sign the contract. They undertake to lead a healthy lifestyle, undergo a procedure in time and do everything so that the child develops healthy.

Selection criteria

The main requirements for candidates are specified in the Ukrainian legislation. Agencies can tighten them up a bit to increase the effectiveness of programs. For example, the candidates VittoriaVita:

Requirements for a surrogate mother
are between the ages of 19 and 36 years
have an excellent health(physical and mental)
have a positive Rh factor
Requirements for a surrogate mother
have own children
have no cesarean section
have no bad habits

What is included in the cost of services

Potential parents do not pay gestational mom directly. They pay the cost of the program, and we compensate the costs of pregnancy for the woman. We are committed to such philosophy, to avoid financial misunderstandings and to remove unnecessary worries from potential parents. In particular, this payment is for:

  • hormonal drugs that prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy;
  • IVF and embryotransfer;
  • analyzes, ultrasound and other examinations during pregnancy;
  • food and travel to the clinic;
  • babysitting for the babies at birth;
  • fees for services;

It is difficult to find a woman who agrees to carry a child for the infertile couple.

VittoriVita Agency proposes to organize the entire process of pregnancy – from the search of surrogate to paperwork for the child. On average, it takes 12-15 months and, as our experience shows, is cheaper than own organization.