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The donor base of VittoriaVita

VittoriaVita Agency has the largest base of donors in Ukraine. Our all-Ukrainian base is constantly updated, so we can quickly and without waiting start the selection process. We fix all the necessary information about the donor in oder to choose the most suitable donor according to your criteria. Our team of  experts selects only the best and proven candidates for you, who have passed all the necessary examinations.

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Who are our donors?

Our donor base has been created in order to facilitate your selection process. With its help, you can select the ideal candidate.

Our egg donors catalog consists of several parts:

vv_icoGeneral information about the donor (Photo, ID donor, its characteristics, age, weight, height, body type, etc.).

vv_icoInformation about race, nationality or religion of the donor, education, marital status.

vv_icoInformation about bad habits and hobbies.

vv_icoInformation about skin color, tendency to corpulence, twins available in the family.

vv_icoInformation about children (sex, method of birth, state of health).

vv_icoInformation about the donor’s parents (color of eye and hair, body type, blood group).

vv_icoMedical Information.

Description of catalog

Our donors are healthy women from 20 to 30 years, without bad habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse) and without hereditary diseases. Each of them has at least one child. All of our donors have no contraindications for the egg donation.

Our team selects the donor according to clear requirements. All of them were medically and genetically examined, successfully passed the tests for syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B and C. If there is the slightest doubt about the results of the examination, our doctors carry out the necessary additional examination (eg, endometrial biopsy, laparoscopy, colposcopy, and others) . It is necessary to make sure there are no contraindications.

In order to choose the most suitable donor for you, we carry out a detailed questionnaire survey. As a result, we can offer you only those candidates who have the maximum similarity with you. For example, we take into account height, weight, hair and eye color, blood type and Rh factor, education, character, interests, and other type of appearance.

Egg donation in Ukraine is absolutely legal. You can be sure that these women have given their eggs freely and have an overwhelming desire to help you to become parents. According to the Ukrainian legislation, the donor has no parental rights to the child and can not challenge this fact in court.

All tests and examinations, which the donor passes, are provided by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as correspond to all the rules, which are approved by the order of Ministry of Health…


You can easily browse our catalog of donors after our managers receive your request. Just fill out the form below and you´ll get the access