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“VittoriaVita” is an international surrogacy agency in Ukraine.  Since 2008, we have been helping infertile couples from all over the world to become parents on fertility treatment programs using surrogacy.You will become parents and get a birth certificate and a passport for the child, in which you will be listed as a mom and dad, even if surrogacy is prohibited in your country.

What do clients of VittoriaVita gestational surrogacy agency get?

Our clients are married couples who, due to health problems, cannot independently conceive or have a child. Many of them are 35 years old and more, which means that their fertile age is running out. For some, surrogate motherhood is the last chance to have a baby. We understand how much our customers want to become parents, so in order to speed up the path and bring success closer, we selected a team of the best specialists and reliable partners and thought through the program process to the smallest detail.

Our programs are  all inclusive, so customers receive the full range of services and activities necessary for the birth of their child under the surrogate motherhood program:

  • organization and support of the egg donation and surrogacy program – from the first visit to the moment of issuing a passport for a child
  • IVF treatment using surrogacy
  • choosing surrogate mother and egg donor
  • Surrogate mother’s pregnancy management and childbirth organization
  • legal assistance in obtaining a passport / travel document for a child
  • accommodation + meals, translation services, driver, pediatrician and lawyer

What guarantees?

The law of Ukraine guarantees that foreign citizens can legally receive treatment under the surrogate motherhood program and legally register their child. Programs are governed by Family Code Art. 123 p. 2 and Order of the Ministry of Health No. 787 dated 09/09/2013.

The IVF program, examination of patients, surrogate mother and oocyte donor are carried out in a licensed clinic. Experts in the field of reproductive medicine with 20 years of experience, as well as modern material and technical base and laboratories provide the best result. The clinic complies with the ISO standard. This means that the work of the clinic is aimed at meeting the needs of the client and is distinguished by a high standard of quality. The clinic is also FDA certified — it is the US Food and Drug Administration.

Legal and notarial support of the program is a guarantee of the legal status of parents. Lawyers who specialize in international law work in the surrogacy agency VittoriaVita. The program is formalized by contractual documentation, which later gives parents the right to register their own child.

Genetic screenings that we do during IVF programs allow us to identify embryos with various gene and chromosomal abnormalities. Thanks to this research, we can guarantee parents the birth of a healthy baby.

Experience, team and process knowledge are what we have achieved in 10 years of work. We know all about programs for the treatment of infertility by surrogate motherhood, we love our work and we do it qualitatively! VittoriaVita includes five departments: search and selection of surrogate mothers and oocyte donors, the department of medical coordinators, the department of translators and managers, the transport and technical department, the department of lawyers. Our teamwork provides avenues toward the child!

Our customer reviews are an opportunity to learn more about our work. Feedback is the best reward from customers who have already become happy parents. You can read about couples who are currently in the program or have completed the program and returned home with their child (children) on our website and on social networks.

What you need to know to start the process?

  • Surrogate motherhood programs in Ukraine are allowed for citizens of all countries of the world.
  • A man and a woman should be officially married.
  • The couple must have medical indications for passing the surrogate motherhood program.

Unfortunately, we cannot help homosexual couples and couples who are not officially married. Ukrainian legislation allows only heterosexual families to provide surrogacy services. Gay couples can become parents at agencies for surrogacy solutions in the United States and Australia.

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