Compensation for egg donors

There are many women who, for various reasons, cannot become mothers due to their physical condition. If they cannot conceive and bear a child on their own, it is recommended to ask for help from donors. Egg donation is quite in demand, and girls and women who meet the necessary requirements can participate in the program.

How much do egg donors get paid in Ukraine?

Many girls who want to provide their own oocytes are interested in the amount of payments for egg donation. Payment depends on the number of donations, volume of provided oocytes, quality of biological material.

The maximum* payment for an egg donor can reach
35.000 hryvnias

*provided the material is of high quality.

There may also be an additional payment for repeated service provision.

Nuances to be aware of

High payments to egg donors for some women become a good argument in favor of undergoing the procedure. However, it is worth considering some nuances before providing this service:

  • The woman must meet all the necessary requirements – age from 19 to 30 years, height more than 160 cm, the presence of a native child, physical health, the absence of genetic diseases, contraindications and bad habits.

  • All data for the egg donor payments, personal information and other information is confidential.

  • Complex medical examination is obligatory prior to the procedure. It includes consultation of a general practitioner, examination on the gynecological chair, laboratory blood tests, genitourinary system bacteriological analysis, ultrasound of small pelvis.

Payments to donors are made at the VittoriaVita agency. One must sign up to take part and undergo training after the candidate is approved. To obtain high quality oocytes, a woman is stimulated with medications. Oocytes are collected after the preparatory stage is over, then the agreed amount of compensation is paid.

Most common questions from donors are

What documents are required to participate in the donor program?

Egg donors, who get paid after they provide their material, must bring their passport and ID number. In order to receive payment for egg donation, they will also need to fill out a form and sign a voluntary consent agreement for the procedure.

Can I become a donor again for a payment?

Oocyte donors are allowed to participate in the program up to 8 times.

Will it be difficult to conceive my own child after participating in the program?

Participation in the program does not prevent pregnancy. Women’s ovaries and eggs are ready for fertilization from the next cycle after donating donor oocytes.

Does the donor have any obligations to the clinic’s patients or their children?

Women who participate in the donation program are not related in any way to their future babies or their parents, nor do they have any obligations.

When does a donor receive monetary compensation?

Compensation to egg donors is made after the procedure, strictly on the dates prescribed in the contract.