Surrogacy process for surrogate mother – step by step

Surrogacy is one of the reproductive technologies considered as the most effective in infertility treatment. The biological parents and the surrogate mother take part in the program. For the safety of both parties, it is recommended to seek help from specialized surrogacy agencies that protect the legal rights of surrogate mothers and provide guarantees to a married couple who want to have a child.

For a woman who decides to participate in the program for financial reward, this will not be an easy task. Before starting, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with all the stages of surrogate motherhood, study the legal side of the issue, and only after that agree to the procedure.

The process for a surrogate mother is complicated not only physically, but also morally and legally. Before beginning, it is required to familiarize yourself with all the steps:

  1. Receiving information

    The genetic parents, who want to have a child, choose a potential surrogate and get acquainted with her before the procedure. Representatives of both parties are informed about the details of the program, their rights and obligations. This stage necessarily clarifies legal aspects of surrogacy.

  2. Examination

    Complex diagnostics is carried out in a specialized clinic and allows ruling out various pathologies that could negatively influence fertilization, pregnancy or delivery.

  3. Drafting an agreement with a surrogate mother

    After undergoing a medical examination and approval of the candidate, all parties involved sign a contract. A legal surrogacy contract regulates the relationship between the biological parents and the surrogate, defining the responsibilities and protecting the rights of both parties. The contract also spells out the amount and terms of payment for services rendered.

  4. Hormonal therapy

    The woman’s organism must be as prepared as possible for successful insemination. For 2 weeks, the surrogate mother is prescribed hormonal medications to achieve a certain thickness and structure of the endometrium.

  5. Embryo transfer

    This surrogacy process is the most delicate and responsible one. The process of conception is carried out on a certain day of the menstrual cycle. During the manipulation, the specialist uses a thin needle, through which up to 3 embryos are inserted into the uterus.

  6. Pregnancy test

    To confirm the pregnancy, the surrogate mother takes a blood test to determine her hCG level 11 days after fertilization.

  7. Pregnancy

    Regular medical control of the woman during the entire period of carrying the child, all necessary laboratory and instrumental examinations are performed.

  8. Relocation

    The Clinic is located in Kiev, so a surrogate mother should relocate several weeks prior to delivery. Under the terms of the agreement, a woman is provided with a dwelling with all the necessary conveniences, food and travel costs are compensated.

  9. Childbirth

    As a rule, participation in the program requires a partner delivery assisted by the biological parents. The latter, in the first minutes of the baby’s life, take him/her in their arms, put him/her on their breasts to exchange bacteria and form immunity.

If a woman is ready to go through all the stages of surrogacy and meets the necessary requirements, then you can apply online and wait your turn to participate.

Legal Aspects

In Ukraine, surrogacy is allowed and regulated by law, which allows surrogates to feel protected. The legal framework has a minimal number of restrictions for the procedure, unlike in many other countries.

There are such legal aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine:

  • To carry out the manipulation is allowed only if the biological parents have medical indications.

  • Biological parents should be fully or partly related to the future child, and surrogate mother should not have any genetic relationship with the fetus.

  • A surrogate mother has to meet all the requirements – age, presence of her own children, natural childbirth, and physical health.

Not only married couples can participate in the program, but single women and men are also allowed to seek help from a surrogate mother. The legal process of surrogacy requires certain accuracy and care, so that when participating in the program, none of the parties are suffered and everyone gets the desired result.

Advantages of being a surrogate at VV Clinic

To avoid disappointment during the surrogate pregnancy and to avoid its negative consequences (medical, legal, psychological), it is recommended to apply to specialized centers

Addressing to the surrogacy clinic of VV Clinic, clients will appreciate:

  • Professional medical care. This facility has modern medical equipment for professional examinations, accurate assessment of health.

  • The use of different methods of infertility treatment – surrogacy, IVF, egg donation.

  • Legal support and consultation to all program participants.

  • Drawing up of a contract, which allows to protect the surrogate mother and biological parents, as well as to designate the rights and obligations of each participant.

Specialists of VittoriaVita agency care of comfort and safety of all program participants, providing high level services. If you want to give the happiness of parenthood to an infertile couple, you can sign up for the program by leaving an application on the website or by calling the telephone numbers indicated to clarify all your questions.