Surrogate Mother Compensation

Surrogacy in Ukraine is in great demand, as there are many childless couples, including foreigners, who cannot conceive a child on their own.It happens that carrying a baby is impossible due to the state of health. Surrogate motherhood, for which payment is made in certain terms, provides a woman with an excellent opportunity to receive a good financial reward.

How much are surrogates paid?

En un programa de gestación subrogada participan los padres biológicos y la madre subrogada que gesta al niño a cambio de una remuneración económica. Muchas mujeres que deciden prestar este servicio se preguntan cuánto puede ganar una madre subrogada.

In Ukraine payments are up to:
25 000 €

The final amount of payments for surrogacy may be increased due to some factors:

  • multiple pregnancy
  • childbirth by caesarean section;
  • participation in the program for the second or third time.

Surrogate mothers sign an agreement with their biological parents, which clearly states the amount of compensation for the program, as well as the timing of payments.

Schedule and amount of payments

The cost of surrogacy can vary depending on many factors, while surogate does not receive the entire amount at once.In order to participate in the procedure, you should know in what period and what payments are made to the surrogate mother:

  1. 200 €immediately after the embryo transfer procedure to the surrogate mother
  2. 200 €after ultrasound and confirmation of pregnancy
  3. 400 €/міс.monthly for 9 months of bearing a baby, which in total will be 3600 euros
  4. 14 000 €paid to surrogate mothers after the birth of a child

All payments are made by the biological parents.In turn, the VittoriaVita agency, where the service is provided, is responsible for the organizational, legal aspects and the full management of the program.

Additional payments

Also, the surrogate mother is provided with the following additional payments:

  • 3 000 €for the birth of twins
  • 1 000 €with repeated participation in the program at the VittoriaVita center
  • 2 000 €in case of rendering the service by a surrogate mother for the third time
  • 1 500 €for childbirth with a caesarean section

In addition, the woman is entitled to compensation for the transfer, payment for the services of a nanny, if she already has a small child. Also, biological parents pay for accommodation if the surrogate mother is nonresident.

Questions and answers

How much are surrogate mothers paid in Ukraine?

On average, payments amount to 25,000 euros.

Can a surrogate mother receive state assistance in connection with pregnancy?

Surrogate mothers are expected to receive only prenatal payments.

How is a surrogate mother prepared?

Preparation on average takes up to 3 months and includes a complete medical examination, hormone therapy to stimulate the ovaries.

What guarantees will I have?

In Ukraine, the cost of the services of a surrogate mother is quite high, while women participating in the program are protected by law, and the relationship between biological parents is regulated by an agreement drawn up on the basis of the Civil Code of Ukraine.