What was 2022 like for VittoriaVita: achievements and work during the war

What was 2022 like for VittoriaVita: achievements and work during the war
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The war has been going on for almost a year in Ukraine, and it has changed the lives of each of us. Nevertheless, while the heroic Ukrainian army is fighting the enemy on the battlefield, the citizens in the rear are relentlessly continuing to maintain a stable life and develop the country that is nearing victory.

From the very beginning of the invasion of the Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine VittoriaVita International surrogacy agency did not stop its work for a moment, actively working in all areas of the company’s activities. In the first days of the war, we quickly and efficiently transported our surrogate mothers to safe regions of Ukraine, the embryos and biological material of our couples were taken to a European clinic. In addition, we organized the delivery of our surrogate mothers in the western regions of Ukraine, away from threats. Fortunately, the situation in Kyiv has improved and now we are working under the usual conditions.

Today, summing up 2022, we can proudly talk about the achievements we have reached. Last year, thanks to our surrogate mothers, 99 healthy babies were born: 51 boys and 48 girls. 19 of them are twins. By the way, this number is even higher than in the pre-war year 2021. The expected decline in demand for surrogacy services and IVF programs did not occur. The number of patients who want to participate in our programs is growing every day.

99 babies

Now the situation in Kyiv is calm and under control. All medical facilities and necessary institutions for paperwork are in operation. Our surrogate mothers are in comfortable conditions and safely carry babies for married couples from different parts of the world.

What adjustments did the war make to our programs? We have created more opportunities for our couples. In 2022, we were able to improve the algorithms of our programs and minimize the need for mandatory visits of future parents to us. You can find out more about it from our coordinators.

One of the main events of 2022 was the opening of a branch of the VittoriaVita International surrogacy agency in Georgia, which has been successfully operating since August. Both in Ukraine and in Georgia, highly qualified doctors and the best clinics participate in our programs, providing you with a comfortable and effective way to meet your baby.

So, we continue to work! Therefore, you should not postpone your dream of parenthood for later and lose precious time. We are ready to take care of it now.

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