VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch Tage in Berlin

VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch Tage in Berlin
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On March 9-10, 2019 in Berlin the Kinderwunsch Tage exhibition was hold. This event brought together everyone involved in the topic of infertility: clinics, doctors and couples who cannot conceive children. We, VittoriaVita, have also visited the event.


More than 50 companies, involved in the assisted reproductive technologies and the treatment of infertility have come to Berlin to participate in Kinderwunsch Tage. Clinics, surrogate motherhood agencies, sperm and egg banks, cryobanks, pharmaceutical companies are just some of them. Also, there were couples who are treated for infertility and want to get acquainted with modern treatment methods and technologies.


We had two days, three consultants and a thousand of flyers to talk about our work. Hundreds of infertile couples came to the exhibition, and we introduced them to surrogacy programs at VittoriaVita. Our programs include:

  • full medical and legal support
  • choice of surrogate mother and egg donor, as well as payments to them
  • accommodation and meals in Ukraine
  • organization and support of the delivery
  • personal translation services
  • 24/7 support

VittoriaVita Customer Support Representatives - Ekaterina and Natalia

Our client managers. Ekaterina (left) works with couples from Germany, Natalia (right) – with English-speaking clients from all over the world. If you take a surrogate motherhood program in VittoriaVita, you will definitely meet them


During Kinderwunsh we listened to many reports. Most of all we liked these:

  • Reproductive technology for patients 40+
  • Unsuccessful ICSI – what to do?
  • Egg donation, phenotypes and donor selection
  • Egg donation in the 21st century
  • How to choose a suitable IVF treatment
  • The procedure for the preparation of donor cells
  • How to prepare the body for the treatment of infertility
  • American surrogacy – how to maximize success and control costs

From the last report, it became clear that surrogacy programs in Ukraine are just as effective, but less costly. The prices can be found here.


At the exhibition we met with several couples with whom we were familiar in absentia. Those, with whom we chatted online. When the couples have learned that we would be in Berlin, they came to the exhibition to meet us in person and obtain consultations.

The Kinderwunsch Tage exhibition in Berlin 2019 confirmed that the IVF and surrogarcy programs at VittoriaVita are among the most profitable and progressive in Europe. On December 5 and 6, 2019, we will again arrive in Germany at the Kinderwunsch Tage in Cologne. We invite you to come and meet us in person. If you want to get a consultation right now, write or call.

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