International Symposium “Reproductive medicine in Ukraine – 25 years of success” in Kharkov


27-28 of  May 2016 was an international symposium “Reproductive medicine in Ukraine – 25 years of success.” in Kharkiv.  The event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the child, who was first born in the territory of Ukraine with the help of in vitro fertilization. Such symposium has solemnly opened  by the head of one of the leading reproductive medicine clinics – Nikolai Gryshchenko. During his speech, he told about the new techniques, which the Ukrainian specialists use.

Reproductive medicine in Ukraine

Carrying out such conferences and symposiums is particularly necessary in today’s world, where reproductive medicine is developing very fast, but not available to everyone. At these meetings, experts share their results of investigations and work together on new ideas, raising the level of science.

There were physicians and scientists from different countries on the conference (Spain, France, Israel, Turkey, etc.). They all gathered in Kharkov in order to share their experiences and discussed the prospects of development of assisted reproductive technologies. Foreign experts have noted that modern reproductive medicine in Ukraine meets international standards, in addition, in some cases even exceeds them.

Representatives of the clinic “Rodinne Dzherelo” took part in the conference

The company VittotiaVita  cooperates with one of the leading Ukrainian clinics of reproductive medicine and the treatment of infertility “Rodynne Dzherelo”. Its experts took an active part in the conference. Leading doctor of the clinic Galina Strelko acted with such reports:

– “The clinical significance of ovarian reserve markers”;

– “Anti-Müllerian hormone”;

– “Actual questions of the success of reproductive medicine.”

Visiting this kind of symposium – this is an important and valuable experience for our experts. They have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn about new opportunities in the field of reproduction, which is very important, because for increasing the efficiency of IVF every detail matters. Not only doctors attended the event, but also clinic staff (administrators, nurses and technicians). They attended lectures about quality standards, planning of assisted reproductive technology cycles, and exchanged experience with the nurses of the Israel IVF clinics.

For treatment in clinic “Rodynne Dzherelo” come patients from all over the world. Symposium organizers noted that the activities of such health centers like this bring happiness to many infertile couples.

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