Kinderwunsch-2019, Cologne


From October 5 to 6, Cologne hosted a large-scale exhibition on family planning – Kinderwunsch-Tage, which was attended by world leaders in assisted reproductive technology:

  • Surrogacy centers.
  • Sperm banks.
  • IVF Clinics.

The exhibition was held in two huge conference rooms, in which about 60 educational lectures, demonstration stands, wellness programs and seminars with valuable tips  were presented to the guests.

Exhibition organizers are confident that such personal meetings are invaluable and play an important role in the life of every couple planning a pregnancy.


Experts shared valuable information about PCOS problems, endometriosis, male infertility and the emotional consequences of infertility.

The exhibitors had a unique opportunity to:

  • communicate personally with specialists and ask questions
  • hear feedback from families who have already participated in surrogacy programs
  • learn more about safe and effective infertility treatments
  • get reliable information on the latest research on assisted reproductive technologies.

Leading doctors of surrogate motherhood centers spoke about the nuances of participation in surrogate motherhood programs, shared their experiences, answered questions.

VittoriaVita on Kinderwunsch

This is not the first time VittoriaVita, the leading center for surrogacy from Ukraine, has taken part in the exhibition. Customers who learned about VittoriaVita online were invited to the conference to meet representatives of the center offline and get answers to all their questions in real communication.

Many couples decided to take part in the surrogacy program at the VittoriaVita center right at the conference, and they were invited to Kiev for a personal consultation.

Representatives of VittoriaVita note that the Kinderwunsch-2019 exhibition in Cologne was more lively than the exhibition last year in Berlin.

The guests were active, they were interested in the nuances of participation in the program, talked with representatives of agencies, asked questions.

“We are always open for communication. We are happy to answer all your questions and invite you to a personal consultation with us in Kiev. Expect more announcements of new large-scale and far more interesting events” – says a representative of VittoriaVita.

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