Daniela and Hugo

Country: Spain
Date: 15.05.2019

Overall, the experience was positive, but there are some aspects to improve.

1. Speaking about the communication with other families in the same house, we recommend you to inform us when one of the families comes with minor children, we have never been informed or asked about this (coexistence with children is much louder)

2. We recommend a more equitable distribution of the space of the house; families who arrive to the apartment second have to put up with what is left from another family.

3. Housework staff, Olga and Lyuda:

LYUDA: adapts to the needs of families, timetables, meals, communicates with children and makes the stay enjoyable, generally excellent.
(we would like you to know that)

OLGA: we had a confrontation with her, because she made a distinction between families, which in some cases was not in our side, and it was unpleasant; she is very pompous, she does not take into account the needs of children in terms of schedules, showed disrespect even to my person, I’m still waiting for an apology. As for food, we had to demand that it be varied. We are dissatisfied with her work very much, the coordinator of VV was aware of all these circumstances, and we are still waiting for the reaction (we believe that she has even more authority than Slava has)

4) coordinator Anna: we are very happy with her work, she is always available and attentive to our requests, in general 10 points for her humanity and work.

Names have been changed to protect the privacy

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