Surrogacy services in Portugal 19.09.2016

Surrogacy services in Portugal

Surrogacy services is a legal method of reproductive system treatment in Portugal. Portuguese government forbade paying rewards to surrogates in order not to turn carrying the baby into a lucrative business. The first case with such services in Portugal was with a woman who voluntarily agreed to carry a baby for her own daughter.
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How healthy are children conceived via IVF? 01.08.2016

How healthy are children conceived via IVF?

Process of in vitro fertilization is the standard method of infertility treatment, which allows many infertile couples to become parents of healthy children. In parallel with the development of assisted reproductive technologies appear all sorts of myths about ivf child’s health.
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Ethical Issues of Surrogacy 11.07.2016

Ethical Issues of Surrogacy

Infertility is the inability of a married couple to get pregnant and give birth throughout the year, with an active sex life, without using contraceptives. Now this problem is widespread and relevant. According to WHO statistics, more than 20% of couples cannot conceive or give birth to children. And the number of such couples is growing every year.
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What happens after fertilization? 11.06.2016

What happens after fertilization?

Soon after fertilization of egg cell, doctor sets  a day of embryo transfer into the uterus. This process is carried out under the thorough  supervision of embryologist in 2-5 days after IVF fertilization of egg cell. After that, many women do not know how to behave in the next two weeks.
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