Surrogacy services in Portugal

Surrogacy services in Portugal
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Surrogacy services is a legal method of reproductive system treatment in Portugal. Portuguese government forbade paying rewards to surrogates in order not to turn carrying the baby into a lucrative business. The first case with such services in Portugal was with a woman who voluntarily agreed to carry a baby for her own daughter.


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Permission of using these services for treatment of the reproductive system in Portugal was given by the National Council for childbirth with Medical Assistance when a couple, in which a woman after surgical interventions had lost her uterus, made a similar request to authorities. A future grandmother mere of motion agreed to carry and bring the baby into the world.
Peculiarities of legal regulations of surrogate services in Portugal:

  • Such services are used as a chance in the cases where a woman can’t carry and give a birth to a child, due to the serious contraindications for healthy pregnancy (uterus absence, serious illness which make pregnancy and childbirth impossible) in Portugal;
  • surrogate and parents sign a contract after consideration by a special medical commission;
  • couple search for surrogate by themselves;
  • law permits the use of such services only with help of IVF methods and using biomaterial one of a spouse.

Such programs are realized exclusively free of charge in Portugal.
Religious leaders have a negative attitude towards these methods, calling for abandonment of it on the territory of Portugal.

Surrogacy services cost

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Since surrogacy services have been permitted only on a free basis in Portugal, finding a surrogate who agrees to carry a baby only with altruistic motives is not an easy task. It is much easier to do in Ukraine.
Its legislation regulates the laws about ART, without limiting the financial rewards for surrogates.
“VittoriaVita” is one of the leading surrogacy centers in Ukraine which offers programs, ranging from € 36,000 to € 50,000 euro for the whole program for foreign couples.
VittoriaVita has its own donors and surrogates database, provides medical, legal maintenance and prepares a full set of papers for parents and newborn.
Surrogacy, without a doubt, is a legal method of infertility treatment in Portugal, but it is much harder to find a surrogate, because the law prohibits paying rewards for such services.

VittoriaVita is a leading center of surrogacy in Ukraine, which has been successfully treating infertility for more than ten years, using iVF methods, donor oocytes and sperm. VittoriaVita has surrogates and donors databases, helping couples to make their dream to become parents true.

Why is Ukraine the leader of surrogacy in the world?

Ukraine is one of the countries, where practically all methods of reproductive treatment are legal. IVF procedures and surrogacy programs are one of the most popular ART methods, which give the possibility for couples to become happy parents even in the most hard situations.
More than 30 private clinics operate in Ukraine, thanks to which more than 12,000 babies were born. Couples from all corners of the world specially visit Ukraine to receive professional medical services, using aRT methods and to avoid unpleasant difficulties with the law in their native land.

Benefits of iVF programs in Ukraine:

A high level of medical services

Most of the ukrainian clinics are all united in the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, which organizes international congresses on reproductive medicine every year. Law constantly monitors the level and quality of medical service and allows to work only those medical institutions that received accreditation to use infertility treatment.

Affordable price

Prices for such fertility treatment programs in Ukraine are the lowest. The surrogate services cost is quite acceptable for couples who can’t afford such prices in their own countries.


Ukraine is in the list of six countries where the surrogacy programs are legal and regulated by legislation. ART clinics work under a contract that protects rights of the clients and defines the responsibilities of participants. The ukrainian laws don’t restrict the sum of financial reward for a surrogate.

Opportunity of combination different ART methods

If a woman can’t carry and give birth to a child, she can use the services of a surrogate. It is a possibility that the patient’s eggs are not suitable for iVF procedures or they are completely absent. Donor oocytes are usually used in such situations. So, donor oocytes and surrogacy programs become an opportunity for women with a difficult diagnosis to become a happy mother.

Preparing papers for a baby

Legal support and execution of the papers for a little baby is included in the cost of programs. The biological parents’ names are entered in the baby’s birth certificate. A surrogate doesn’t have any parental rights and opportunity to challenge this in the court.

Wide choice of clinics for programs

There is a big number of reproductive technology clinics in Ukraine, with their own sperm banks, databases of surrogates and donors.The centers offer different programs for the treatment of infertility paying attention to the diagnosis, full legal and medical support.
VittoriaVita is a professional leading surrogacy agency in Ukraine, which has been successfully practicing infertility treatment using surrogacy, iVF, donor eggs and sperm for ten years.
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