Plasma and treatment of male infertility


One of the main causes of male infertility is a low mobility of sperm cells and their poor quality. Unfortunately, in the modern world does not exist a method of infertility treatment, which would be able to solve this problem.

Spanish scientists believe that the introduction of the plasma in sperm can cure male infertility. Plasma is yellow liquid part of blood, which consists of erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets and water. Platelets have a direct impact on the process of blood clotting, they contribute to the healing of wounds. Experts hope that with the help of the plasma, sperm cells become more mobile. As a result, the male sperm will be healthier and more productive that improve the chances of conception.

Two months ago, scientists began to work on this theory. In this research took part 58 men. Physicians took 9 ml of blood from each man to isolate platelet-rich plasma from it. This is possible with help of a special centrifuge which divide the blood in all its components. As a result, we have two types of plasma:

  • Pale and liquid plasma with low platelet count;
  • Dense plasma with a large number of platelets.

To test this theory, scientists will add platelet-rich plasma in sperm samples, which are taken from the same participants. They will work over the research 3 months, in order to improve the quality of sperm. Scientists believe that they will help more than 30% infertile couples to solve the problem of infertility due to new technology.

Animal studies were successful in Odessa. Ukrainian experts have shown that platelet-rich plasma improves sperm motility. And about the results of studies, which have been carried out on humans, the world will be able to find out very soon.

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