Kinderwunsch-2019, Cologne 06.11.2019

Kinderwunsch-2019, Cologne

From October 5 to 6, Cologne hosted a large-scale exhibition on family planning – Kinderwunsch-Tage, which was attended by world leaders in assisted reproductive technology: Surrogacy centers. Sperm banks. IVF Clinics. The exhibition was held in two huge conference rooms, in which about 60 educational lectures, demonstration stands, wellness programs and seminars with valuable tips ...
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How does the egg donation process work? 14.08.2019

How does the egg donation process work?

IVF with donor eggs is often the last chance to get pregnant for women who cannot become mothers due to the lack of their own eggs or their unsatisfactory quality.IVF programs using donor eggs are highly effective. Thanks to the use of high-quality oocytes, embryos with high implantation potential are obtained, which significantly increases the chances for success of artificial insemination.
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Does surrogacy forbidden in Ukraine? 10.08.2018

Does surrogacy forbidden in Ukraine?

During last two months, there was a lot of controversies around programs of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine. The reason for such an upsurge was the illegal activities of the BioTexCom  clinic that were conducted 7 years ago.
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ART in Ukraine 20.06.2017

ART in Ukraine

IVF is one of the methods of the infertility treatment, which is absolutely legal in Ukraine and is regulated by the law. Nowadays, there are 34 center for reproductive medicine, which are aimed at the treatment of infertility in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European society of human reproduction and embryology (ESHRE).
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