Kinderwunsch Tage – a perfect chance to meet VittoriaVita


On March 9-10, the Kinderwunsch Tage conference will be held in Berlin, which will be attended by reproductive technology clinics, medical associations, medical device manufacturers,sperm banks, adoption agencies, pharmacological companies, individual practitioners, information resources and other organizations. Specialists from all over the world will share their experience in the field of reproductive medicine.

Is it worth a visit?

Such conferences –   a great opportunity to meet with leading experts in the field of reproductive technologies and learn about the latest methods of infertility treatment.

You will find it very interesting if:

  • if you can not get pregnant;
  • want to discuss an IVF program with specialists;
  • want to consult about pregnancy;
  • consider alternative options to pursue your dream  of having your own child;

One of the participants of the conference will be our agency VittoriaVita, who has many years of experience in providing surrogacy services for couples from Germany, England, Spain, France and other countries.

For whom will this be helpful?

It will be helpful for you to meet us if:

You need an IVF procedure if you have:

  • problems with the uterus or obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • low sperm count;
  • problems with ovulation;
  • problems with antibodies that harm sperm and eggs;
  • endometriosis (severe stage);
  • congenital pathology, which doesn’t allow you to carry the child;
  • health problems that prevent successful childbearing;
  • you had several unsuccessful IVF attempts.

How to find us

You can get acquainted with us and get an initial consultation on March 9-10th in Berlin, “Kinderwunsch Tage” from 10:00 to 16:00.

The conference will be held in Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin by the address: Berlin, Stephanstrasse 41 

In the pavilion you can find us at the booth #96

Kinderwunsch Tage

Kinderwunsch Tage

How much does the ticket cost

Since the conference will be held for 2 days, you will be able to buy a ticket for 10 Euros/day per person or 15 Euros for two. Or you can buy a ticket that will allow you to attend 2 days of the conference and pay 17.5 euros for 1 person or 20 euros for two.
You can buy a ticket directly on the official conference website

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