Egg donation in Ukraine

Egg donation is prohibited for religious or moral reasons in many countries (Austria, Israel, Germany, etc.). Every year more and more couples are turning to Ukrainian clinics of infertility treatment due to the fact that using donor eggs in Ukraine is absolutely legal and is regulated by law.

Egg donation in ukraine

Documents which regulate egg donation in Ukraine

1. Instruction on the application of assisted reproductive technologies, approved by the Law 771 from 23.12.2008 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This document reveals most of the legal aspects of the procedure.
2. Article 48 of the Fundamentals of Ukraine on Health protection;
3. Article 123 of the family code of Ukraine.

These documents identify the characteristics, parameters and requirements for women who want to participate in a program of egg donation. Ukraine provides full privacy and the protection of medical confidentiality for donors. By law, they can’t have parental rights to the unborn child. The couple agrees not to establish the identity of the egg donor and not to look for egg donor for getting acquainted and future relationships.
Couples from all over the world turn to Ukraine to experience the joy of motherhood. Therefore almost every clinic for reproductive medicine has the program of egg donation.
Egg donation in Ukraine is not only an anonymous process, the donor may be a relative or friend. Women who have undergone the procedure of ART can also donate eggs, which were not used.

Documents which are needed for egg donation

1. The contract between the clinic and the donor’s conscious and voluntary participation in the egg donation program. It also specifies the obligations of the parties.
2. Written consent to perform the stimulation and ovarian puncture.
3. Written consent of the husband.
4. Questionnaire and medical record card of the egg donor.

A woman who wants to donate eggs must meet the requirements and go through a full medical and psychological examination. The process of egg donation takes place only in specialized centers.
VittoriaVita Agency has its own base of donors, which is constantly updated. Our candidates undergo a thorough medical, psychological, genetic and gynecological screening. These examinations take place at one of the leading reproductive medical centers in Ukraine “Rodynne Dzherelo”.