Interesting facts about surrogate motherhood


Do you know that…?

  1. The first child in the world born by the surrogate mother, was born in 1980 in the United States. In Ukraine this happened much later, in 1991.
  2. During the time of existence of surrogacy programs more than 5 000 000 children were born in the world.
  3. Nowadays, Ukraine had over 15,000 children conceived using assisted reproductive technologies.
  4. A lot of celebrities also use the help of surrogate mother. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker and others.
  5. In the UK lives the surrogate mother-record holder. Carol Horlock is now 49 years old, she has two daughters, and she gave birth to 13 children (8 girls and 5 boys) for infertile couples.
  6. According to statistics, not only Carol Horlock, but about 40% of other women want to become a surrogate mother again.
  7. Approximately 20% of couples in the world have conceiving problems .
  8. Ovarian women reserve starts to decline rapidly after 35 years.
  9. About 40% of women who asked for help at the clinic of reproductive medicine were women after 35 years.
  10. In Ukraine to become a surrogate mother can not every woman. For example, one of the main conditions is the presence of at least one healthy child, who was born naturally.
  11. One in four women who became pregnant with the help of IVF gives birth to twins.
  12. Almost 40% of couples have to use IVF due to male infertility.
  13. In California, a woman gave birth to 14 children in two pregnancies with IVF. The first time she gave birth to 6 children, and the second to 8. After this incident, the country imposed restrictions, now for one IVF cycle it is possible to transfer not more than 2 embryos.
  14. Scientists have found that a woman is more psychologically prepared for pregnancy at the age of 40.
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