Spine problems can lead to infertility


Scientists constantly analyze and study the possible causes of infertility in order to find the best ways of treatment. Not so long ago, they found that spine problems can become one of the causes of fertility problems. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, not only contribute to the development of diseases of the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems, but also negatively affect the human reproductive system.

Influence of osteochondrosis on male fertility

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. When vertebrae become flatter, men’s blood supply of brain breaks down and reduces the production of sex hormones. Result: problems with ejaculation, lack of sexual desire.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine. As this department is closely related to the pelvic organs, the circulatory disturbances and innervation can be major causes of erectile problems.

In the case, when osteochondrosis affects the entire spine, the consequences could be very bad. For example, anargazmiya, impotence, diseases of the genitourinary system or infertility.

Effect of osteoarthritis on women’s fertility

The thoracic and lumbar spine.  Unexplained infertility often arises because of the pinched nerves in this part of spine. They can lead to women decrease in fertility, diseases of the pelvic organs, infertility.

One of the causes of unexplained infertility may be pinching the anterior roots of the spinal cord that causes no pain. In this case, the woman feels herself good, but doctors can not understand the reason of the conception problems.

Unfortunately, not all infertility specialists pay attention to problems with the spine. It is recommended for patients with unexplained infertility to pass a general examination of the body and visit the neurologist’s and vertebrologist’s consultation  to prevent osteochondrosis and other spinal disorders.

For those who do not want to have back problems, it is recommended to swim, do yoga and morning exercises,  take breaks at work and have a walk outside. Treatment of osteochondrosis can help to solve problems with fertility.

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