Gay surrogacy. Parenthood beyond gender


Two dads, three surrogates… Gay surrogacy. Parenthood beyond gender

Same sex  isn’t an obstacle completing a family and gay couple from Surrey (Luke Harris and Daryl Lee) has already proved this became parents twice and waiting for their third child carrying by their third surrogate mother Becky Harris.

Being tired of the empty house without child’s laughter and joy, Mr Harris and Mr Lee firstly thought about the adoption. But article about Sir Elton John and his partner David Fumish who’ve successfully become parents via surrogacy encouraged the couple for having their own children using surrogate motherhood.

First child, a healthy boy (weighing 7lb 15oz) later named Phoenix Blue Harris-Lee was given birth by surrogate Bex Harris on January, 14. Just in a month on February, 25 his beautiful sister Willow-Star Shirley Harris-Lee  was born at Viktoria Ellis’ house (second surrogate mother, Bex Harris’ best friend). The delivery was so quick that gay dads just suddenly got a message: “Your little girl is here!”

Mr Harris and Mr Lee are already parents of a wonderful royal couple but in July they are going to become fathers again.

Surrogate Becky Harris (Bex’s sister-in-law) is on the 6th month of pregnancy now and bearing a boy.

The ordinary life of two men Mr Harris, 51, a computer programmer, and Mr Lee, 41, a dentist is completely changed. Due to surrogacy couple reached what real love and family mean. As Mr Harris jokes the only downside is inability to visit pubs as earlier but if it really matters bringing up such amazing children?

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