Surrogacy in the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

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In the Hellenic Republic, surrogacy became legal in 2002 and it is regulated by the Greek Civil Code and the Assisted Reproduction Law. In 2014 foreigners also obtained the right to use surrogacy in Athens and other cities of Greece.

Features of surrogacy in the Hellenic Republic

The next categories of people can use the services of a surrogacy in Greece:

  • spouses who are officially married,
  • heterosexual couples who are not officially married,
  • single womеn.

Single men as well as gay couples are prohibited from using the services of SM. The kids who are born with the help of surrogates don’t acquire the citizenship of Greece.

If the newborn does not acquire the citizenship of his parents’ country, there are several provisions in Greek law that allow the child to acquire Greek citizenship.
After examining the surrogate mother and spouses, collecting a package of documents, program participants conclude a contract. It is obligatory to obtain a conclusion from the gynecologist or any other doctor indicating the reasons why the patient can’t become pregnant on her own to participate in the program.
According law of Greece, the biological parents, whose names are entered on the birth certificate, are considered as the legal mom and dad of a newborn.

Greek legislation has established some restrictions on the use of surrogacy:

  • relatives and friends of genetic parents cannot donate oocytes / sperm,
  • the parents do not have the opportunity to choose the sex of the unborn baby,
  • the law prohibits the disposal of unused embryos. They are stored for a certain period of time, after which they are used for research purposes or transferred to patients who need them.

The cost

Surrogacy in the Hellenic Republic is allowed on a non-commercial basis, the financial relationship between customers and the girl carrying the child for them is illegal.
The surrogates in Greece have the right to reimbursement of related expenses that arise during pregnancy, as well as full compensation for temporary incapacity for work after childbirth. The amount of such compensation is about 10,000 Euros (this doesn’t count as payment for services).

Where is surrogacy also legal?

Most of the states have abandoned surrogacy. This method of infertility treatment is practiced in several states:



  • the law controls the procedure for the provision of medical services,
  • high-quality medical care,
  • surrogacy agencies work under a contract,
  • strict requirements for surrogates,
  • to achieve the best results, you can combine different methods of fertility treatment,
  • wide range of reproductive technology agencies,
  • affordable cost,
  • fast paperwork for a newborn.


  • single girls and gay couples cannot use surrogate mother services.



  • spouses and a surrogate mother sign the contract about cooperation,
  • according to the law parental rights belong to biological father and mom,
  • a package of documents for a baby is drawn up in a short time,
  • the opportunity to take part in the program for foreigners,
  • affordable cost of services for a Georgian surrogate mother.


  • only officially married spouses are eligible to participate in the program.



  • free for charge surrogacy is allowed in Cyprus,
  • the surrogate and biological mom of the baby are entitled to maternity leave and have the right to protection from dismissal.


  • services for surrogate mother are not available for citizens of other states.



  • it is allowed to pay a monetary reward to the SM on the territory of the country,
  • foreign citizens are eligible to participate in the program.

Shortcomings: there are no any law to regulate the procedure for the use of surrogacy in Albania

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