How is Surrogacy in Canada regulated by the Law?


Unlike other English-speaking countries, Canada is oriented on the creation of favorable conditions for all the participants of the surrogacy journey. For a long time non-commercial surrogacy in Canada has been already legally allowed and is viewed like one of the most effective methods of infertility treatment.

Like in Ukraine, surrogacy in Canada is conducted with complete legal, medical and organizational support during the whole course of infertility treatment. Participants of the journey are provided with all the necessary help since the very beginning of the program including composition of the surrogacy contracts and control of their discharges, protection of intended parents and surrogate mother’s rights, registration of a child etc.  It’s necessary to remark that the confidentiality in the issues connected with infertility treatment is the key point. Surrogacy in Canada is viewed like normal and wonderful but never immoral possibility to create full families.

At the same time, mass media promotes the spread of surrogacy in Canada due to the creation of the positive image of such journeys. The selection of the future surrogates and egg/sperm donors in more cases is conducted by the intended parents through the Internet.

Speaking about surrogacy in Canada, it’s necessary to point out some peculiarities of Canadian legislation towards financial side of ART usage. Cost of surrogacy program includes expenses for IVF, medicines, childbirth, financial support for a surrogate mother during the pregnancy. But, pay attention, it’s illegal to pay for egg/sperm donation and surrogate’s services. Becoming a surrogate mother for infertile couple is a free-will desire of a woman. Selling such services are punished by law by fines and even prison.

Nowadays Canadian government is working at the development of the legal data of surrogacy and egg/sperm donation for complete regulation of these issues.

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