Surrogacy in Ireland


Surrogacy for not married or same-sex couples. Is it possible?

Nowadays there is a tendency against surrogacy. For example, it’s not legal in Ireland. The Government of the country made attempts to work out special legislative base regulating surrogacy in Ireland but they were not completely successful.

Not long ago the University of Huddersfield Repository has performed a research analyzing parental orders of UK government which can’t be ignored getting legal parental rights for children given birth via surrogacy.

According to its results the majority of couples using surrogacy are heterosexual married spouses willing to have a so-called “traditional family”.

Under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act accepted in 1990, only officially married adults lived in the United Kingdom can use surrogacy. Genetic connection with at least one parent is obligatory.  Changes to the Law of 2010 made surrogacy available for unmarried and same-sex and couples.

Each year numerous scandals concerning gay surrogacy arise. For example,  scandal between Sir Elton John and Dolce Gabanna which “divided cream of society” for those who are for and against this.  But such cases don’t stop couples to become happy parents using surrogate’s services.

At the same time, surrogacy is only for the rich. As prices are two high, surrogacy tourism to such countries as India, Thailand, Ukraine, Georgia just increases. Surrogates in the UK are usually poor wretched women looking for any possible income.

Despite family, gender and financial status a lot of people still suffer from infertility as surrogacy  is totally ban in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria etc.

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