Shooting of TV show “Wunsch kinder” in Kiev in agency “Vittoria Vita”


On the 25th of April were shooting a TV show “Wunschkinder” in Kiev. The TV Broadcast  is carried out on public German TV channel  ZDF, which occupies a leading position in Germany.

“Wunschkinder” plans to shoot twelve editions of the twelve infertile couples who appealed to the surrogate mothers. The aim of the program – to provide the information about alternative methods of infertility treatment, as well as  how they are used in different countries. The program introduces viewers  the existing clinics and manner of usage of reproductive technologies, and talks about why couples appeal to such clinics.

In Kiev, camera team visited VittoriaVita agency. During the visit was  interviewed  the director and founder of the agency, Sergei Ivankevich. He talked about all the features of the program, its costs, and the most important – the legal aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine. It is worth mentioned that Ukraine is one of the countries in the world where surrogacy is permitted and regulated by a law.

The lead  doctor of  the medical center “Rodynne Dzherelo” Galina Vladimirowna was interviewed as well. She talked about all medical aspects and specifics of surrogacy programs.

Together with the camera team visited Ukraine Bollhorn family (Sylvia and Michael). They are well aware of the problem of infertility. The couple took the difficult way and has 6 unsuccessful IVF attempts. The last chance for them was to find a surrogate mother, because in Germany, as in many other countries – this method is prohibited by a law. Sylvia and Michael found his happiness in Ukraine, taking part in the surrogacy program. As a result – the couple has two healthy children from a surrogate mother and now they help other couples to find happiness by opening their agency.

Expect a new issue “Wunschkinder” with the participation of our agency “VittoriaVita” on their TV screens.

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