Our Partner-Fertility Center Rodynne Dzherelo


It’s a great honour and, at the same time, a pleasure for us to work with one of the leading reproductive medical centers in Ukraine – “Rodynne Dzherelo”. Choosing “Rodynne Dzherelo” means having more chances for a successful pregnancy, thanks to the vast experience of their high-qualified fertility experts.

We are proud that the team members of our partner fertility center have already made the dreams about motherhood of nearly 5000 women come true. We are truly glad to help infertile women and men complete their families and find the happiness of being parents.

The most recent achievements of embryology and reproductive medicine including embryoscopy, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), FISH-diagnostics, and comparative genome hybridization – all this plus individual qualified approach and treatment is what you will find at the fertility center “Rodynne Dzherelo”, our partner clinic in Ukraine.

Why do so many patients choose “Rodynne Dzherelo” among the great variety of reproductive centers? It won’t be hard to explain their choice, since the benefits are obvious.

Success of treatment

8 out of 10 patients manage to successfully get pregnant with the help of infertility treatment using different modern methods of ART.

Experienced fertility experts

The Rodynne Dzherelo’s team has already helped more than 5000 women to fulfill their dreams about having a desired baby. The experienced medical staff carry out all the medical procedures and manipulations within the same facility.

Individual approach to each patient

The programs are led by a high-qualified team of our specialists: a fertility expert, embryologists, US and implantology specialists, a geneticist, anaesthetic and medical coordinators. 4 out of 5 IVF programs with egg donation are successful after the first attempt (statistics based on the women in the age of 30-55 who used fresh donor cells). All our patients are provided with a qualified individual approach and treatment.

Capacities of the embryological laboratory

Only modern technologies, laboratory equipment and diagnostic complexes by leading world producers are used at the fertility center, in such a way, contributing to the most effective infertility treatment.

What might be more important?

We realize how difficult and complicated the path our patients are going to step onto is, we understand their strong feelings and emotions. That is why the key notions of the communication between our doctors and the patients are support, respect and mutual trust.

Organizational efficiency

The fertility specialists of the “Rodynne Dzherelo” have organized their work processes in such a way that it takes no more than 60 days from the first day of treatment till the pregnancy test. You’ll need to visit the center only 2 or 3 times. The rest of the time you can stay at home, keeping in touch with the clinic.

No preliminary medical analyses

To use any ART method it’s usually required to do preliminary medical examinations which take a lot of time and money. However, all the necessary medical tests and analyses can be done at our medical center during your first visit. It’s a good way to save you time and money, as well as to avoid stress.

No waiting list for any kind of treatment

You can start your treatment at any time – you just need to make your first appointment with the doctor.

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