Cryopreservation will help infertile women to feel the pleasure of motherhood


The method of storage of female eggs in liquid nitrogen is rather widespread, however in certain cases doctors don’t manage to receive the normal cells from ovary. In this case, the absolutely new and unusual method with usage of ovary tissue can help.

Today many women from western countries, who for some reasons decided to hold over the child’s birth for some period of time, resort to the method of cryopreservation of the ovaries. Thanks to the method of cryopreservation, when the necessary moment comes, the age of the defrosted cells will correspond to the age of woman when they were taken and this increases chances of successful IVF procedure.

The method of cryopreservation is very effective for women who suffer from oncological diseases and who need the long-term treatment with the medicines of chemotherapy, which can make women infertile.

Earlier, in this case women were doomed to childlessness, but now they have e real chance to feel the pleasure of motherhood, thanks to the method of cryopreservation created by Australian scientists from the hospital of reproductive medicine in Melbourne.

During this procedure the ovary’s tissue is taken  and then frozen in liquid nitrogen. In case of necessity the tissue is defrosted and implanted into abdominal cavity.

Then after a while, a “mini-ovary” starts functioning normally – then it’s time to pick up a mature egg, to fertilize it out of the woman’s organism and to implant the embryo into uterus.

Quite recently thanks to the method of cryopreservation, a 29 year-old woman became a mother who because of cancer was operated.  Before the operation, the scientists managed to freeze the part of ovary which after 5 years was used for receiving eggs. It is already the second successful case of application of such a unique method.

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