The company VittoriaVita starts working with Chinese couples


Every day we are expanding the geography of operations, we work with clients from such countries as – Spain, Israel, England, Argentina, the United States etc. Now we are beginning to work with China. We offer Chinese couples with infertility problems our help and provide as part of our packages:

– Complete IVF cycle with a surrogate mother;

– Delivery of reproductive material in the clinic in Ukraine;

–  Passing in Ukraine all the necessary analysis;

– Genetic investigation on karyotype, PGD, and others.

VittoriaVita starts working with Chinese couples

And today we met our first customers Alex and Xiaomei. The head of the agency VittoriaVita, Sergei Ivankevich, and client manager met them at the airport Borispol. The couple has been dreaming about a child for a long time, and now they have a chance to make this dream true. They visited Ukraine to get acquainted with their surrogate mother and prepare for the transfer of embryos from Singapore, where they are stored, to Ukraine.

Acquaintance was wonderful. It is worth reminding that the surrogate mother has passed all necessary examinations and was individually chosen for them. Together with the surrogate mother, they will discuss all the details of the contract and sign it.

VittoriaVita team believes that they will succeed and will do everything necessary for that.

We are all waiting for the moment when the couple will be able to see their long-awaited miracle.

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