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IVF and surrogacy in the Islamic religion 27.04.2021

IVF and surrogacy in the Islamic religion

Everyone knows Islam is the most strict, conservative and traditional religion. And because of the rapid development of medical technology, there are a lot of bioethical and religious questions about various procedures, methods of treatment, and so on.
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Surrogacy in France 06.04.2021

Surrogacy in France

The most controversial topics for talking and debate all over the globe is surrogacy. Surrogacy has been banned by the Bioethics Act since 1994 in France. The Majority supports the legalization of this meth of treatment for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.
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Surrogacy in Germany 02.04.2021

Surrogacy in Germany

The surrogacy is prohibited by law in Germany. In 1991, the Embryo Protection Act was passed, which severely restricts German reproductive medicine. The law prohibits any medical procedures on the territory of Germany, which entail illegal actions with the nascent human life.
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Surrogacy in Austria 22.02.2021

Surrogacy in Austria

Surrogacy in Austria is prohibited by the Federal law "on reproductive medicine". The country's government makes advances to infertile couples and pays for the first 6 IVF attempts. Childless couples often have to go abroad to solve the problem of infertility. For these purposes, Austrians often choose Ukraine. Surrogacy is prohibited in Austria, so infertile couples go to treat infertility in Ukraine.
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Surrogacy in Russia 30.12.2020

Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy is legalized in Russia, but couples can face the number of difficulties after the birth of a child. The legislation doesn't fully reflect the features and procedure for regulating the field of reproductive medicine, where there are many gaps and shortcomings.
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