Surrogacy in Germany

Surrogacy in Germany
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The legality of surrogacy in Germany

The surrogacy is prohibited by law in Germany. In 1991, the Embryo Protection Act was passed, which severely restricts German reproductive medicine. The law prohibits any medical procedures on the territory of Germany, which entail illegal actions with the nascent human life.

The law allows a woman to give birth only to her own child. IVF is allowed in Germany, but only with your own eggs. 30% of German women get pregnant with IVF.

Surrogacy is allowed free of charge in neighboring countries: Great Britain, the Netherlands. In Ukraine, the cost of surrogacy is much cheaper than in Western countries.

Surrogacy in Germany is prohibited by law, so Germans travel to Ukraine in order to use surrogacy services.

Such restrictions in the field of reproductive medicine force Germans to go to solve problems with infertility in neighboring countries, where surrogacy and egg donation are allowed by law.

Cost of surrogacy in Germany

Due to the affordable cost of surrogacy programs, the high level of medical care and the responsibility of Ukrainian surrogate mothers, Ukraine has become a center for medical tourism, where married couples from all over the world come to become parents.

Ukraine is the cheapest country in the field of infertility treatment using assisted reproductive technologies. The average cost of a surrogacy program is available for couples who do not have the opportunity to use such services in their home country.

Even if you take into account the flight and all the associated costs, the services of a Ukrainian surrogate mother will be much cheaper in Ukraine than, for example, in the United States. The total program budget consists of different types of costs:

  •  the surrogate mother’s fee, which is usually divided into two parts (the first is paid after IVF, the second after childbirth),
  •  comprehensive examination, analyzes
  •  all the necessary preparations
  •  IVF protocol
  •  payment for transfer, food, clothes for pregnant surrogate mother
  •  pregnancy monitoring, medical support
  •  hildbirth (by natural way or by cesarean section)

If necessary, you may need to pay extra money for a nanny for a surrogate mother’s child, rent in Kiev in the last months of pregnancy, additional medical services, consultations of a psychologist, a lawyer.

The total amount for the program is negotiated in advance and fixed in the contract.

Why is Ukraine the leader of surrogacy in the world?

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where practically all methods of assisted reproductive medicine are legal. IVF and surrogacy are the most popular ART methods that help married couples become parents even in the most hopeless situations.

ore than 30 private reproductive technology clinics operate in Ukraine, thanks to which more than 12,000 children were born. Couples from all over the world come to Ukraine to receive high-quality medical services in the field of ART and avoid problems with the law in their homeland.

Benefits of fertility treatment in Ukraine:

High level of medical services

Most of the ART clinics are united in the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, which every year organizes international congresses on reproductive medicine. The law strictly controls the quality of medical services and only allows infertility treatment in medical institutions that have received accreditation.

Affordable prices

Ukraine has the lowest prices for fertility treatment programs. The cost of surrogate mother’s services is quite acceptable for couples who cannot afford such programs in their homeland.


Ukraine is one of the 6 countries in which surrogacy is legal and regulated at the legislative level. ART centers operate under a contract that protects the rights and defines the responsibilities of program participants. The law does not limit the amount of financial remuneration for a surrogate mother.

The ability to combine different ART methods

If a woman is not able to bear and give birth to a child on her own, you can use the services of a surrogate mother. But there are times when the patient’s eggs are not suitable for IVF or are completely absent. In such situations, donor oocytes are used.
Since both egg donation and surrogacy are legal in Ukraine, this becomes a chance for women with a difficult diagnosis to become a mother.

Execution of the documents for a newborn

Legal support and execution of the documents for a newborn is included in the cost of the surrogacy program. The biological parents’ names are immediately entered on the baby’s birth certificate. The surrogate mother does not acquire any parental rights to the child and has no right to challenge this in court.

Wide range of surrogacy centers

A large number of reproductive technology centers operate in Ukraine, which have their own sperm banks, databases for surrogate mothers and oocyte donors. The centers offer a wide variety of programs for the treatment of infertility, depending on the diagnosis, full legal and medical support.
VittoriaVita is a leading surrogacy agency in Ukraine, which for 10 years has been successfully practicing infertility treatment using surrogacy, IVF, the use of donor eggs and sperm.

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