Speech of President of Ukraine at European Parliament

Speech of President of Ukraine at European Parliament
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President Volodymyr Zelenskyi President stated that he is confident of Ukraine’s victory in the war with Russia and called for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. He said this while addressing the European Parliament during a video call.

I’ve heard and I’m glad. This spirit is so uniting. I’m happy that today we united all of you, countries of European Union, but at what cost. This high price is a real tragedy for me too, tragedy for each and every Ukrainian, tragedy for our country. The price was too high – thousands of dead. Two revolutions, one war and 5 days of full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.
You know I don’t read papers, there’s isn’t place for them in life of my country anymore. All of this is real. All the dead, this is the real life. And you know, all that we give away today, our best people, the strongest, the bravest Ukrainians, the exceptional ones, are given away for rights, for freedom, just for desire to be equal, just as you all are, as every person should be.
We frequently like to say that we will win against everyone. I’m glad that now you can not only talk about this, but contemplate it too. And we’ll definitely win. I’m sure of this.
There’s saying “Ukrainian choice of Europe”. Something we were aspiring and going to, and still are. I would very much like to hear from you there, from you to us, that European choice of Ukraine.
I have a couple of minutes to talk to you, because we have such short breaks in between the constant shelling and rocket attacks.
This morning has been tragic for all of us. Two cruise missiles were fired at Kharkiv. The city located not so far from the border with Russian Federation. Many Russians have always lived there, and there has always been a friendly and warm treatment towards all of them. There are more than 20 universities in Kharkiv. This city has the biggest number of universities within entire country. Bright and smart youngsters gather and have always gathered for all the celebrations on the biggest square of our country – ploshcha Svobody (square of Freedom). It’s true to say that this square is the biggest in Europe too. Dozens of victims. That’s the price of freedom.
We are fighting just for our land and for our freedom. And believe me, despite the fact that now all the big cities of our state are blocked – no one will invade our freedom and state. Believe me, every square in every city of our state starting from today will be called “Ploshcha Svobody” (square of Freedom) if it wasn’t called so before.
No one will break us. We are strong. We are the Ukrainians.
We want our children to live. It seems to me that it’s fair. 16 children died yesterday. And again, President Putin will say that this is some kind of operation there and they are attacking the military infrastructure only. Where are our children? What military plants do they work at? What rockets are they on? Maybe they ride in tanks?! You killed 16 children!

Ladies and gentlemen, our people are extremely motivated. We are fighting for our rights, for freedom, for life. And now we are fighting for survival. And this is our main motivation. But we are also fighting to be equal members of Europe.

I believe that today we are showing everyone our true selves. European Union will definitely be stronger with us.
Without you, Ukraine will be lonely. We have proved our strength, we have proved that we are at least the same as you. Prove that you are with us. Prove that you won’t let us go. Prove that you are true Europeans,”

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