How does the surrogacy program VittoriaVita work in conditions of quarantine (updated 21.10.2020)

How does the surrogacy program VittoriaVita work in conditions of quarantine (updated 21.10.2020)
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The Covid-19 epidemic has introduced its own adjustments to the work of many areas of people’s lives. Today we will tell you how VittoriaVita works for you in quarantine time.

We have not stopped our activities and continue to help infertile couples to get their happiness. Of course, we have changed our usual workflows to create the safest possible environment for the parents, surrogate mom and baby. After all, we want everyone to be safe and happy.

What is happening in Ukraine now?

The government extended adaptive quarantine in Ukraine until December 31. Regions will be marked green, yellow, orange or red with the level of risk of spreading Covid-19, depending on the epidemic situation. Automated software based on algorithms and data will mark regions. The National TEB and emergency situations Commission will approve the data.

What changes for adaptive quarantine after 13.10?

Additionally, restrictive measures are being strengthened in regions with a “green” level of epidemiological danger.

In regions of the “green”, “yellow” and “orange” levels: it is allowed to hold sports events without spectators and provided that participants comply with anti-epidemic measures.

Local self — government bodies-will have access to the data of the electronic service “Diy.Vdoma” This is necessary to monitor persons who are subject to self-isolation or observation, or violate the quarantine rules.

For the unified state civil protection system, the “emergency situation” regime is extended throughout Ukraine until October 31, 2020.

How to cross the Ukrainian border to participate in the SM program?

VittoriaVita continues to work as usual, we are actively involved in existing surrogacy programs and the organization of new programs. Of course, complying with the legislation of Ukraine, we have made some changes in our work. One such change is a meeting between parents from abroad.

European countries are also divided into zones, depending on new cases of coronavirus. There are 2 types of countries: green and red. Each of them has its own border crossing rules. Couples who are arriving in Ukraine from the green zone must have a valid medical insurance policy that covers the treatment of Covid-19. If you fly from red zone countries, you can wait in self-isolation for 14 days. But there is a simpler option, you need to pass a PCR test for coronavirus at the airport, and remain isolated until the test result (on average, 48 hours). When a negative test comes in, the isolation is removed and you can move freely around the country.

In turn, VittoriaVita undertakes to organize and pay for the delivery of PCR testing for you, as well as provide apartments for living, and add the required number of days for testing free of charge.
While you will be waiting for the test results, you can take a break from the road, while we will prepare all the legal documents and sign you up for the first doctor’s consultation in a private clinic. Thus, we create for you the safest and most comfortable conditions for staying in Ukraine for the period of signing contracts.

After a negative PCR test result comes, you immediately go to a doctor’s consultation and to sign contracts.

How does the return home work?

Some countries freely allow people who return from Ukraine to pass, even without testing. But there are cases when, upon arrival home, you will have to take PCR testing for coronavirus. And in this case, VittoriaVita also takes care of the organization and payment of the test. Therefore, you can return home without any problems.

What if there is no possibility to come?

In this case, we will arrange an online meeting with our consultants, and you will be able to sign contracts remotely with a guarantee of keeping the price of the surrogacy program.

How does the price of programs change?

Until the official end of the quarantine, all prices remain unchanged. Thus, by signing an agreement, you fix the cost of the program, and accordingly it does not change for you, even after the end of quarantine. The main condition is the signing of all documents before the end of quarantine.
The prices of the programs are calculated individually for each case. In order to find out your cost, please contact our consultants.

How is VittoriaVita working now?

As of August, we continue to operate normally. We are actively signing new contracts – this month, we have already signed 2 contracts remotely (Spain and Germany), as well as 3 couples have already successfully completed the process and returned home freely. We are fully continuing our programs of ovarian stimulation, culture and embryo transfer. We are dynamically observing existing pregnancies. And at the moment, couples with the USA, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Great Britain are waiting for their happiness. And also, 18 couples are now on their last visit to Kiev.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for the first consultation, fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.
We work for your happiness.

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