How does the surrogacy program VittoriaVita work in conditions of quarantine (COVID-19)


In this article, we will explain in detail how works the program of surrogate motherhood in conditions of quarantine.

What is a quarantine in Ukraine?

Pharmacies, hospitals and grocery stores are open.

Restaurants and cafes deliver food by taking orders online and by the phone.

Embassies operate with restrictions or as normal.

Urban public transport is available, but with restrictions (metro is closed, buses carry a limited number of passengers).

X  Borders in Ukraine are closed for planes, trains and buses.

X Intercity passenger transport is prohibited within the country.

X Mass events are prohibited, and entertainment venues are closed.

X Students and  pupils are studying distantly.

What should parents do if they haven’t started a surrogacy program yet?

Now VittoriaVita works remotely, so potential parents can get:

online consultation (via Skype, email, phone) and choose the right program;

list of documents, they need to collect to join the program;

sample contracts to study.

What should I do if the child is born when the parents are not in the country?

In this case, a healthy newborn will spend 3 days in the hospital, and then it will be released under the supervision of VittoriaVita employees.

The child will live in a comfortable warm apartment under the supervision of a professional nanny. The baby will have everything needed: mixture for nutrition, diapers, clothing. He will be visited by a pediatrician.

We will contact parents via Skype so that they can see their baby and send them photos as often as possible. Parents will have all the necessary information and will be able to meet their baby when the borders of the country will be opened.

What is the situation with parents and children who are currently in Ukraine?

Now there are couples in Ukraine who came here before the quarantine was announced.

Temporarily, parents cannot attend the childbirth due to precautionary measures.

Healthy full-term newborns spend a standard period of 3 days in the hospital. The doctors take care of them, and VittoriaVita staff provide necessary clothing, food and  hygiene products.

The doctors and staff VittoriaVita staff photographing babies and send these photos to parents On the third day, the newborns are discharged, and VittoriaVita staff pass them to their mother and father.

Is there a process of processing documents for children in embassies?

Embassies of different countries in Ukraine work, but some work with restrictions, so, they only solve urgent issues. In our experience, issuing a passport for a child is considered as an emergency issue. At the moment, we successfully issue documents for children in the embassies of Spain, Germany, and Italy.

  • The Spanish Embassy is working and continues to process documents for children born in Ukraine.
  • The German Embassy works only on important issues. The Embassy staff accepts the documents required to obtain a passport for a child and issues urgent passports.
  • The U.S. Embassy provides limited services for its citizens, including adoption and emergency services.
  • The Portuguese Embassy accepts citizens, but by appointment.
  • The Israeli Embassy and consular Department are open, but by appointment. Some procedures can be performed via email.
  • The Swiss Embassy is working, and some of its employees are working remotely. The Embassy is performing emergency registrations over the phone.

What is the situation with surrogate mothers and egg donors?

Our surrogate mothers follow the “stay at home” rule. They are in self-isolation and leave the house only if absolutely necessary.

Surrogates are warned about precautionary measures (stay at home, do not contact patients, use antiseptics, consult a doctor in case of a cold). The medical coordinator is always in touch with them.

HCG tests (pregnancy test), screenings and ultrasound of surrogates are performed at the place of residence, adhering to all safety standards.

X Registration of donors for stimulation and registration of surrogates for IVF preparation has been postponed to the next cycle or suspended for safety reasons. We will resume the procedure as soon as possible.

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