Tips before doing IVF


Firstly, let’s figure out what IVF technology is?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – is an assisted reproductive technology which is used for infertility treatment. It takes place outside the body, but under the strict supervision of specialists.

There are some stages of IVF:

  1. Stimulation of ovulation (10-28 days) – hormonal stimulation is carried out and then the response of the ovaries is monitored.
  2. Puncture – it is a growing of follicle to the appropriate size and oocytes mature, puncture of follicle and biomaterial sampling are performed under anesthesia. This procedure usually takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Embryological stage – firstly, the husband donates sperm, and all material is transferred to the laboratory. And there the egg’s fertilization takes place.
  4. Embryo Transfer – after 3-5 days of cultivation , viable embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus.
  5. Luteal phase – it is a hormonal support to create optimal conditions for your embryos.

After all these stages, the woman does a blood test to find out whether she is pregnant or not. If the attempt is successful, then for 9 months she will be under the supervision of doctors before the childbirth.

You need to start preparing as soon as you decide to use this method.

There is a list of IVF tips for men, women and spouses in general. Therefore, we will consider preparatory activities and approaches according to these criteria.

Preparation of spouses

For a successful attempt to become pregnant, you need to reconsider your family’s diet and your lifestyle.

We suggest you to pay your attention to the following tips:

  • Smoking. You should quit smoking before you decide to get pregnant. Many studies show that smoking couples are 3 times more difficult to achieve pregnancy than non-smokers.
  • Alcoholic and caffeine drinks. It is worth giving up alcohol and coffee.
  • Nutrition. The diet should be balanced and complete. There must be more fruits, vegetables, different types of meat and different cooking. Less fried, fatty food. Eliminate junk food such as fast food, strong tea, food colors, chemical additives.
  • Sports activities. It is necessary to pay attention to physical culture and begin to moderately engage in sports in 2-3 months, without strong physical exertion.
  • Psychological preparation. The most important thing is the desire of both parents to have a child. Couple needs to discuss this important step. If necessary, contact a psychologist in the clinic where IVF will be performed.
  • Sex life. There aren’t strict rules in this regard. We advise you to slightly reduce the activity so that the biomaterial accumulates before the procedure.7 days before the stage of puncture and implantation of embryos, you need to give up sexual intercourse and masturbation for both sides.

Tips for a woman before IVF

First of all, a woman must undergo a full medical examination:

  1. Anamnesis. It will collect all information about diseases, health problems, family inheritance and much more.
  2. Undergo an ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs, as well as the uterus and appendages.
  3. Dentist examination. Teeth should be treated before pregnancy.
  4. If there are chronic diseases, consult a specialist.

Then she must pass analyzes:

  • Hormonal research. To select the correct body preparation. Including sex hormones
  • Tests for infections. Before starting IVF, all infections must be cured. They can harm unborn babies.
  • Reproductive examination. Take a flora smear and cytological analysis from the cervical canal.
  • Genetic research. It is essential in case the family has hereditary diseases.

Sometimes, in individual cases, more tests are needed. Therefore, it is important to obey your doctor.

Also, a woman should change her lifestyle for this period:

  1.  Refuse weight loss diets throughout the IVF cycle.
  2. Take vitamins and supplements only with the permission of your doctor.
  3. Do not go to saunas or baths, exclude bathing in hot water, do not go to solarium, laser hair removal and procedures which can harm, and also avoid hypothermia.
  4. During the procedure, avoid contact with patients who have acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI).
  5. Think positive and try to be confident in your success.

Tips for a man before IVF

Requirements for men are similar as for women. You need to start preparing together with her. The sperm will be in good quality following these rules

Husbands must be examined by doctors too:

  1. Give all information about yourself, your diseases, hereditary diseases in the family.
  2. Consult a doctor about chronic illness and medication.

Do the following tests:

  1. Urethral smear of flora.
  2. Spermogram.
  3. Blood test for infections.
  4. If there is a need to pass a genetic test.

And adhere to the general rules before the procedure:

  1. Wear loose underwear. To avoid circulatory disorders and overheating of the genitals, this has a bad effect on sperm.
  2. Limit contact with paints, varnishes, and other chemicals. And also a technique that emits electromagnetic radiation, ionization.
  3. Refrain from going to the sauna, hot springs, swimming pool. Eliminate heavy physical activity.
  4. Avoid people with infectious diseases.

The IVF procedure is a long and responsible process. But by adhering to our advice and recommendations of doctors, you will increase your chances of success and having a healthy baby.

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