Pros and Cons of IVF


IVF conceiving: is it a safe method?

According to statistics, 20% of couples face the problems of conceiving. Difficulties can arise for several reasons, among which individual health problems predominate.

Hormonal disorders, congenital or acquired pathologies – all this interferes with natural pregnancy. Background stress, ecology, age-related changes, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits effects on conceiving.

Thanks to modern medicine, such a long-awaited and beloved baby can be born. In vitro fertilization will help to realize this desire of future parents.

The IVF method is an effective tool for creating new life in the womb of the mother. The procedure involves a complex of manipulations and therapy, such as:

  • Fertilization of the woman’s reproductive system is stimulated with the help of hormone-containing medications;
  • follicular puncture is performed during ovulation to extract oocytes (egg cells);
  • the sperm is attached to the egg, and a new life appears “in vitro”;
  • the embryo moves into the uterus and pregnancy occurs.

The effectiveness of the method depends on the state of health of both woman and man. Before doing this procedure, it is worth studying some aspects of the protocol, assessing the pros and cons of IVF.

Benefits of IVF conceiving

This is probably the only one proven method for conceiving a baby if there are problems with the reproductive health of a couple. A positive result can be expected in 80% of cases, while the background risks decrease every year. Positive aspects of the IVF protocol:

  1. The ability to get pregnant when diagnosing defects in the organs of the reproductive system of women. For example, with obstruction of the fallopian tubes, congenital or acquired.
  2. Full check-up of the mother and father’s body before conceiving. Karyotyping of partners (genetic analysis) is carried out to exclude the development of possible abnormalities in the fetus.
  3. Hormonal support for the mother helps with infertility due to anovulation. Drug therapy stimulates the formation of the egg.
  4. A great option for adult mothers who dream of a child after 40 years. This can be both the firstborn and the second, or third child in the family.
  5. Continuous monitoring of the health of the mother and child throughout the pregnancy.

The main advantage of the procedure will still be the chance to become parents and give the world a long-awaited and healthy child.

IVF disadvantages and hidden risks

In vitro fertilization protocol involves the effect of hormones on the female body. This can affect the general habitual state of the mother.
The negative sides are expressed:

  1. Formation of multiple eggs through hormonal stimulation that does not occur naturally. High doses of hormones can have negative health effects.
  2. Risk of ectopic pregnancy when the embryo is secured to the wall of the fallopian tube or removed into the abdominal space.
  3. By fertilization of several oocytes at once, as a result of which not one, but two fruits are formed. Although for many couples, having twins is more of a joy than a problem.

Conceiving with IVF: what is the bottom line?

Whether or not to decide to use in vitro fertilization is up to the parents-to-be. The reproductive specialist will tell you about the possible risks, determine if there is a threat to health.

Thorough diagnostics, adherence to the protocol, constant monitoring of ovulation and pregnancy – all these actions will protect the mother and baby from possible negative consequences.

Vittoria Vita offers assistance in the implementation of safe in vitro fertilization. Choose a reproductive specialist, andrologist, gynecologist and endocrinologist who is comfortable for you. The narrow-profile specialists of the clinic use all their knowledge and experience to make our visitors realize their dream of a child. As practice shows, the IVF procedure annually helps tens of thousands of couples become pregnant. This is evidenced by our high percentage of successful protocols. Don’t miss the opportunity to give birth to a healthy baby with VittoriaVita!

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