Surrogacy in India

Surrogate motherhood is not just one way among another to solve the problem of infertility, but the best of them! After all,it only guarantees:

  • 100% result;
  • Genetically linked child;
  • Efficiency of the solution.

Unfortunately, since the method of reproductive technology is quite new, not all countries have understood this technology. As a result of this, there were significant restrictions on its implementation in the law of many countries. Let’s remind that completely surrogate maternity is allowed only in 6 countries:

  • Ukraine;
  • Russia;
  • USA;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Georgia.

Today, we, the center of Vittoria Vita, will get into the legislation of India.

Surrogacy in India

We have two news for you about how the Surrogate motherhood programs work in India: good and bad one.

  1. Surrogate motherhood in India is allowed and is a legal method of combating infertility.
  2. Commercial SM is completely prohibited and prosecuted by law.

Why is this bad news?
“This is good! It means that the program will be cheaper … ”
Yes, it might have been, but it’s almost impossible to find a woman who wishes to participate in surrogate motherhood program and have a child without monetary compensation.
Would you agree, if it was offered to you?

The price of surrogate motherhood in India

The cost of surrogate motherhood services in India is very low, so a few years ago this industry was actively developing. Everything changed in 2015 …

Legal aspects of surrogate motherhood in India

Let’s now consider the main question: is Surrogacy legal in India to date? Again, here we have 2 news for you:

  1. Yes, surrogate motherhood in India is not prohibited and completely legal, but only altruistic one!
  2. Since 2015, foreigners are completely prohibited from taking part in Surrogacy Motherhood programs in India.

This is due to the low income of Indian residents. Opponents acted against the reproductive technologies and called on the authorities to prohibit foreigners from “exploiting the uterus of poor, young Indian women.” The government supported this initiative, and only citizens of India have the opportunity to use services of surrogate mothers for the last three years.

What should the rest do?

Consider other options!

For example, Ukraine is one of the market leaders for Surrogacy. Thousands of couples from around the world come here every year.
First, such a demand for the service contributes to its development and accordingly we can offer a service at a very high level.
Secondly, both commercial and non-profit Surrogate Motherhood is absolutely legal in Ukraine!

Thirdly, Ukrainian women are the best candidates for the role of surrogate mothers in the whole world. This is due to the favorable environment and the positive atitude of Ukrainian women to reproductive technologies.

Therefore, if you decided to take part in the Surrogacy program, then Ukraine is the best option!

For quite a long period of time, India was a leading center of surrogacy tourism. But each year Indian government becomes much stricter towards the foreigners who are eager to go through surrogacy in India. According to the new legislation, only officially married (at least for 2 years) couples (a man and a woman) can use surrogacy. Another significant limit is the necessity of medical but not touristic visa for intended parents. Violation of this visa rule is strictly punished by Ministry of Home Affairs.

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